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Niall Horan Sometimes Felt 'Like a Prisoner" Because of One Direction's Fervent Fandom

Niall Horan.

Niall Horan.

Singer Niall Horan has opened up abut feeling like a prisoner because of One Direction's popularity as a band.

Singer Niall Horan has admitted that he sometimes felt “like a prisoner” as a member of One Direction due to the fervent fandom that the boyband attracted. In a podcast called ‘People, Just People’, Niall recalled instances in which fans would bang on the windows of the cars they travelled in.

He told host Dermot O’Leary, “I struggled with the idea of, ‘Why won’t you just let us out? We just want to go for a walk, you know?’ You can’t get inside the brain of a fan and now I completely get it, but at the time, you’re like, ‘You’re our age. Just let us out.'” Niall also recounted not being able to see all the cities the band toured in because of the massive fan presence.

“The police had done a headcount and there were 10,000 people in the street the whole time,” he recalled about their experience in Lima, Peru where the band couldn’t even go for a walk in a nearby shopping center.

One Direction, comprising Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson, became an international sensation in 2011 after appearing on Simon Cowell’s singing competition The X Factor. The band announced they were going on hiatus in August 2015 so they could pursue solo projects. This came five months after member Zayn Malik left the boy band in March of the same year.


Niall released his second solo album Heartbreak Weather last year, which included the single Nice to Meet Ya.