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Nick Jonas Tweets About #BlackLivesMatter, Netizens Call Priyanka Chopra 'Part of the Problem'

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas

Twitterati slammed Priyanka Chopra for having promoted fairness creams after Nick Jonas posted a #BlackLivesMatter tweet on the couple's behalf.

On Thursday, singer Nick Jonas tweeted in support of the #BlackLivesMatter movement on behalf of his wife Priyanka Chopra and himself. "Pri & I have heavy hearts... The reality of the inequalities in this country, and around the world, are glaring. Systemic racism, bigotry and exclusion has gone on for far too long, and remaining silent not only reinforces it, but it allows it to continue," he wrote.

"The time to take action is NOW. It's no longer enough to say 'I'm not racist'. We must all do the work to be ANTI racist and stand with the black community. In our first step towards our continued efforts to help fight this fight, Pri and I have donated to the @eji_org & @ACLU... We stand with you and we love you. #BlackLivesMatter #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd," he added in another tweet.

Soon after, Nick's post got the couple a horde of criticism on Twitter users called them 'fake' and 'hypocrites'. Netizens especially slammed Priyanka for promoting skin lightening creams.

"Was pri's 'heart heavy' before or after she promoted skin lightening creams? Was it 'heavy' when she watched Muslims get lynched in her own country & said nothing? What about the time when you invited a fascist to your wedding? It seems like her heart is doing just fine," wrote singer and YouTuber Amsi.

There were more replies in the same vein.

In August last year, UNICEF goodwill ambassador Priyanka Chopra had come under fire over a tweet she posted amid escalating tensions between India and Pakistan in the disputed Kashmir region. At a cosmetics event in Los Angeles, Priyanka was confronted by a US citizen of Pakistani origin in the audience, who called her a "hypocrite" for "encouraging nuclear war against Pakistan".

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first published:June 05, 2020, 11:06 IST