Nikitin Dheer On How Negative Characters Need Better Layering In Bollywood

Nikitin Dheer On How Negative Characters Need Better Layering In Bollywood

Nikitin Dheer, who has worked as the villain opposite Salman and Shah Rukh Khan, is making his digital debut with Raktanchal.

Nikitin Dheer, the 6.4 feet tall villain in Salman Khan’s Dabangg 2, has arrived on to the web space with Raktanchal.

Dheer thinks the negative characters need better writing in India. "There was a time when we had amazing actors like Pran Sahab and Amrish Puri. Nowadays, the layers are missing from the antagonist’s character, and it takes away the dynamism. In Hollywood movies, the writers add a lot of depth to the bad guys. There is a saying ‘the bigger the villain, the bigger the hero,' so I hope the gap is filled soon."

He also questions the traditional perception of the audiences. "People tend to put you in a particular group if you look a certain way. Looks do not reveal the nature, and all these are archaic way of looking at people and it needs to change. It's like judging a book by its cover.”

Son of veteran actor Pankaj Dheer, Nikitin says he has always looked up to his father for inspiration. "My grit, determination and dedication come from watching him highhandedly walking towards pursuing his dream even when nobody else believe in him."

Recalling how the success of Mahabharat earned Pankaj laurels, he added, " The role got all those non-believers believe in his talent overnight, and he didn't have to prove himself anymore. He is a real life example of how dreams come true and has always allowed me to choose my own work and approach projects in my own way.”

Raktanchal is now streaming on MX Players.

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