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Not Just Tom Hiddleston, These Marvel Cinematic Universe Actors are Also Big Fans of India

Not Just Tom Hiddleston, These Marvel Cinematic Universe Actors are Also Big Fans of India

Did you know Tom Hiddleston aka Loki has a family in India? Find out about other Marvel actors and their India connection.

On Tuesday, Disney+ Hotstar shared a special video of ‘Loki’ star Tom Hiddleston on Twitter for Indian fans. In the video, which has now gone viral, Hiddleston plays a game of Word Association and gushes about Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan. When asked about his first thought on India, the British star said, “Shah Rukh Khan.” He once again mentioned SRK when the word ‘Bollywood’ came up. The 40-year-old actor also revealed that he had a special connection with the city of Chennai. “My akka (elder sister) lives there. She used to live there. And I have been there a few times. Chennai is great,” Hiddleston said in the video.

Hiddleston currently stars in ‘Loki’, in which he reprises his popular role of the God of Mischief from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). However, this is not the first time when an MCU actor has expressed their fondness for India and revealed their Indian connection. From Chris Evans to Chris Hemsworth to Mark Ruffalo, several Marvel actors have previously spoken about their immense love for India and Indian fans.

Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth, who is best known for playing Thor in the MCU, has often said that India holds a special place in his and wife Elsa Pataky’s heart. The duo named their daughter India Rose after the country. “My wife spent a lot of time in India and that was where the name originally came from,” he once revealed. Hemsworth was in India in 2018, shooting Netflix thriller Extraction in Ahmedabad and Mumbai. He said being on set made him feel like a rockstar. “I love the place and the people. There were thousands of people on the streets every day and I have never experienced that on set. It was sort of intimidating as it was exciting because there were so many people,” he said. Hemsworth had shared several social media updates from his time in India.

Chris Evans
Chris Evans, who visited India in 2005, once said in his interview that India topped his bucket list destinations. “I’d love to be there,” the Captain America actor had said. “It looks like a beautiful place that has a variety of things to see and do. Also because I completely love chicken and I want to sample butter chicken, Kashmiri chicken, Hyderabadi chicken, and South Indian food because I love coconut curries! India would be a great idea for a vacation.” Evans had spent three weeks in Rishikesh at a Buddhist retreat during his trip to India 16 years ago.

Mark Ruffalo
Hollywood actor Mark Ruffalo, best known for portraying the superhero Hulk in the popular Avengers franchise, had once lent his support for the #SolarBihar project and called himself “100 percent Bihar”. The project aimed at urging people to adopt sustainable and renewable energy.

Robert Downey Jr.
As of 2021, Robert Downey Jr, who ended his run as Iron Man/Tony Stark in the MCU with Avengers: Endgame, hasn’t had the chance to visit the country. However, during a promotional event of Endgame in 2019, Downey Jr. had said that he’d come to India “soon”. During the video conference with groups of fans in several Indian cities, the actor had said, “You guys are just amazing fans. I can’t wait. I cannot believe I haven’t been to India. I’m coming there so damn soon.” Also, not many would aware of the fact that Downey Jr is a huge fan of Aamir Khan. RDJ had once called Aamir the “Tom Hanks of India.” “I happened to see Lagaan and believe Aamir Khan was extraordinary,” Downey had told Bombay Times in 2010.

Benedict Cumberbatch
In an old interview, Benedict Cumberbatch had shared his experiences as a trainee English teacher at a Darjeeling monastery. The Doctor Strange actor talked about how he’d always be “grateful” for the profound lessons he experienced with the monks as a 19-year-old student. “I meditate a lot. That’s a huge tool in trying to calm myself, get away from the crazy circus of it all, have a focused mind as well as be a kinder, considerate person in the world. I took a lot of stuff away from my experience in Darjeeling, West Bengal, right at the Nepali border. It was Tibetan Buddhist monks in a converted Nepali house in India, with a view of Bhutan. It was a profoundly formative experience at a very young age. It’s something I’ve tried to keep in my life,” Cumberbatch had said. He had also said that the time he spent at the remote monastery made him a better actor and his success could, to a large extent, be attributed to that.

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