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Nupur Sanon Says Many People Put Her Down for Filhall Debut: I Was Told, 'Kriti Had a Bigger Launch'

Nupur Sanon recently starred opposite Akshay Kumar in B Praak's music video 'Filhaal 2 Mohabbat'.

Nupur Sanon recently starred opposite Akshay Kumar in B Praak's music video 'Filhaal 2 Mohabbat'.

In this interview, Nupur Sanon talks about how she was "put down" by a lot of people when she decided to make her on-screen debut with a music video.

Nupur Sanon made an impressive on-screen debut with B Praak’s music video Filhaal opposite Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar. The video features Akshay and Nupur as lovers who face the wrath of societal norms and give up on their love for each other. The song currently has more than 1 billion views (and counting) on YouTube. Back when the music video dropped in November 2019, it garnered more than 10 million views within a day of its release and soon achieved a milestone by becoming the fastest Indian music video to cross 100 and 200 million views. However, there were still many people who thought Filhall was not the right debut for Nupur whose sister Kriti Sanon, they said, had a better and bigger launch in the film industry.

“I understand Kriti and I are sisters but we both have different thought processes and definitely different journeys. What happens is that a lot of people compare you and talk about nepotism and then they are the ones who keep pushing you to have the same journey and when you have the same journey then they tell you, ‘Arrey ye toh same hi kar rahi hai. Ye toh nepotism hai.’ My point is to let that person take their own journey,” Nupur told us about how she was belittled by a lot of people for choosing to debut with a music video.

Nupur, who was recently seen in ‘Filhaal 2 Mohabbat,’ a sequel to the 2019 music video, said that having Kriti by her side helps her a lot in terms of how she should go about conducting herself in the public but she doesn’t like it when people try to compare her journey with her sister, who made her acting debut with Sajid Nadiadwala’s Heropanti opposite Tiger Shroff.

“I was already made aware of how I should go about things and talking to people. Because Kriti knows the personalities of everybody in the industry now. I didn’t have to go through making the same mistakes that she must have done when she was starting out. But there’s a thing that comes along with it which I don’t really like and that is being compared and being under pressure of she (Kriti) was launched by so-and-so person. There were a lot of people who told me ‘Your sister got launched by such a big production house, you should wait it out and get launched by someone that big. Why are you doing a music video?’ That’s kind of putting the other person down,” Nupur said.

She continued, “When Filhall was not released, I was told by a lot of people that this is not the right journey because Kriti didn’t take it. It was difficult for people to understand that I was someone who was inclined towards music and this was something I resonated with and was closer to me. But fortunately, my family and my sister have always been very supportive. They have always been my emotional shield.”

Nupur further credited her mother, Geeta Sanon, who is a professor of Physics, for standing by her and Kriti through thick and thin and believing in their decision to make a career in showbiz.

“Our mother had to listen to taunts of our relatives that ‘itna padh liya hai itne intelligent hai so what’s the need to go into the industry?’ People don’t believe in you until you become something in your life. But our mother feels so proud at this point because she stuck to her belief. She gave it back also to our relatives when they would say certain things about us. But having said that, both mom and dad are still accustoming themselves and getting comfortable slowly with the whole showbiz culture. Initially, when I didn’t have this thing of getting into this industry, I was also like, ‘Okay fine, I’m Kriti’s sister but I don’t want this exposure because it was so extra in terms of people were monitoring you how you look and what you do.'”

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first published:July 23, 2021, 15:40 IST