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Nusrat Jahan Poses as Goddess Durga, Death Threats Issued to Her on Social Media

Nusrat Jahan

Nusrat Jahan

Nusrat Jahan recently posed as Goddess Durga for which she was trolled on social media. The actress has requested additional security for herself in London, citing safety.

Trinamool Congress MP and actress Nusrat Jahan has requested additional security cover for her, citing death threats on social media. The threats came after she posted a video in which she appears as the Goddess Durga, reported PTI. She is currently in London, shooting for a Bengali Film.

The controversial photos and video were posted on her Twitter and Instagram accounts on September 17. They show her role-playing the Hindu Goddess Durga, carrying her famous trident. The photo accumulated more than a thousand comments.

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While a small number of fans appreciated her look or attire, the majority of the comment section was filled with hate comments. According to the Hindustan Times, a majority of these comments were from Bangladeshi citizens.

While it’s common for one community to go against another, here Hindus and Muslims were united in their hatred. She got criticism from Muslims for being “muslim er name colonko” (a blotch in the name of Muslims) to multiple calling her “kafir” (faithless) or appeasing to Hindus for vote bank. Most Hindu people accused her of defiling their religion, calling her abuses.

The photograph has nearly 70,000 likes. Few simply trolled and made fun of her for doing all this for Instagram publicity. Another comment, originally posted in Bengali, seemed more threatening than the rest. “You will not be able to save yourself. Your God on Earth will not be able to save you. You’ll realise your fault after you’ve died. There will not any excuses for you,” it read.

As of now, no official comment has been made by the TMC leaders or police officials. Apparently, Jahan has taken up the matter with the West Bengal government and Ministry of External Affairs. She seeks additional security, apart from the standard security cover at her disposal as a member of the Parliament. The security request was to cover her shoot in London which will likely run till October, PTI reported.