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OMG! Why is This Actor Holding Captain America's Vibranium Shield?

Image Courtesy: Revelbots/ Twitter

Image Courtesy: Revelbots/ Twitter

Chris Evans is not going to play Captain America anymore in Marvel films, but who is going to carry his legacy forward.

Steve Rogers' vibranium shield is one of the many reasons that make The Falcon and The Winter Soldier a series to look forward to. Although a recently leaked picture from the show's sets has surprised fans considering the person holding the shield.

At the end of Avengers: Endgame Chris Evans as Steve Rogers is seen handing the shield over to Anthony Mackie aka The Falcon. Fans saw this as a sign of him taking up on the Captain America mantle as seen in the comic books.

Mackie, however, contradicted the statement while announcing The Falcon and The Winter Soldier revealing to fans at a Comic-Con that he would not be the new Captain America. Despite the announcement, he was seen holding the shield at the event. Recently it was announced that Wyatt Russell would be joining the series as the character known as US Agent.

In recently leaked set pictures Wyatt Russell can be seen in a suit similar to that of Captain America with the shield in one hand.

While this may come as a surprise for fans, it does not fall from the comic book origin of the character. In the comics, US Agent is often seen opposing Captain America and his methods while also claiming his main interests lie in favor of America. The character later even went on to temporarily hold the mantle of Captain America in the comics following Steve Rogers' retirement.

Whether the US agent's possession of the shield is temporary or permanent will be known when the series releases. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is expected to release in the latter half of 2020 over the course of 6 episodes.

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