On Teacher's Day, Deepika Padukone Gets Special Note From Her Sir: 'I'm So Proud of Deepu'

On Teacher's Day, Deepika Padukone Gets Special Note From Her Sir: 'I'm So Proud of Deepu'

Dr. Ashley William Joseph was Deepika Padukone's music teacher in her school days.

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  • Last Updated: September 5, 2019, 1:59 PM IST
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It is common for students to remember their teachers over the years for the important things they teach. That respect and admiration is something that is reciprocated by teachers for their students. One such teacher on the occasion of Teacher's Day took a moment to remember an old student who is now a successful, popular Bollywood actress. Deepika Padukone's music teacher from her school wrote her a note remembering the older days.

Dr. Ashley William Joseph who is now President of the Indian National Symphony Orchestra revealed in a note that Padukone had always been inclined towards music and that she had always been a hardworking and humble person.

Remembering her days as his young student, he wrote, "A hard worker and simple soul who knew what she always wanted to do was Deepu (Deepika). Firstly, I am so proud of the way Deepu has grown up in life and on-screen too. It feels good that one of my students is now India’s superstar. Deepika was my student for over 7 years in Bangalore. She was not only a good sportsperson but brilliant on stage too, be it dancing, singing or acting. She was also part of the Sophia Brass Ensemble and Choir which was the best in the country. I can still remember her beautiful soprano voice singing in the choir. I do hope one day I would get to work on her voice again and she brings out her own album. For those who don’t know, Deepu has a lovely elegant voice and I do wish to see her using that singing voice again. As for musical productions, the last one Deepu did with me was ‘Fiddler on the Roof’- one of the most famous Broadway productions that was a big hit in Bangalore.”

He also remembered how positive and humble she had always been despite coming from a very reputed family. Talking about it he wrote, "Coming from a famous family, Deepika was humble and simple which was such a beautiful trait in her. Rewind to the year 2002, some of my old students were putting up a dance drama and wanted me to help them clean it up. None other than Deepu was a part of the dance team. I am still trying to remember a day when she did not have a smile on her face. Deepu, you have reached the stars. You have achieved it all. Remember you do not need to prove anything to anyone. Just live your dream and continue reaching for the stars. You are already that beautiful star in the sky. It is your hard work and dedication that has made you what you are today."

What makes the teacher's note even more beautiful is that he did not stop at remembering the good old days. He wished her the best for her future and even offered her a helping hand if needed. Talking about her recent marriage to Ranveer Singh he wrote," As you start this new chapter in your life being married, just remember that the roads are always not smooth. Negotiate each curve and the steep climb with love and utmost care. There is always that happiness in your destination. As your beloved teacher, I will always be there to lend support in whatever way you require. God bless you for all that you do. Much love."

Well, irrespective of how Dr. Joseph's teacher's day went, it seems he did give Padukone a day to remember.

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