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Paddington 2 Movie Review: The Well Mannered Bear and His Vibe is Everything The World Needs Right Now

Image Courtesy: YouTube/ A still from the film's trailer.

Image Courtesy: YouTube/ A still from the film's trailer.

Planning to watch Paddington 2 this weekend? Read our review first.

London's most well-mannered bear is back with even more kindness and cuddle-effects. Paddington 2, a sequel of 2014 hit animation Paddington, has everything in it to make it the watch of the weekend, not only for the little ones but even for adults. After all, who cannot love a cute brown bear with sparkling kind eyes, making you laugh with his misadventures and innocent mannerisms?

After arriving in London three years back, Paddington the bear is all settled with the Brown family and is the entire street's favourite person. From the bus conductor to the street dog, everybody is in awe of him, including the audience.

However, his story takes a drastic turn when he decides to take up a job in order to gift a rare pop-up book to his aunty Lucy on her 100th birthday. While making money by cleaning windows in the most adorable way possible, he witnesses a theft happening and wrongly gets accused of the crime. Now begins his survival in the prison and his journey to clear his name by catching the real culprit with the help of his new family.

The characters are again as lovable as they were in the previous outing. The adorkable Sally Hawkins as Mrs. Brown is still warm and friendly with a fetish for adventure stories, Hugh Bonneville is still sceptical Mr. Brown who double checks every generosity and saves the day with his former risqué instincts, the villain of the town is again a Hollywood biggie (Hugh Grant), who plays the character of a fallen superstar in desperate need of money and fame. Every character in the film does his/her part to transport you into the perfect world of Paddington where goodness is oozing out and where prison looks like some European neighbourhood full of laughter and delicacies.

Oh! There is thrill involved and tears do come rolling out of the eyes seeing our favourite bear suffer, implying the conviction and hold of the character over audience's minds. There is nothing to not love in the film, there are laughter, thrill, emotions and a message that good vibes have the energy to change the world if only one remains persistent and uncorrupted.

Paddington 2 might just be the film a brittle, bothered world needs right now. Full of warmth, compassion, and kindness, this well-mannered bear is an ideal reflection of an ideal world.

first published:January 12, 2018, 22:29 IST