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Paras Chhabra Owes Ex-girlfriend Akanksha Puri Money in Lakhs?

Akanksha Puri (L), Paras Chhabra

Akanksha Puri (L), Paras Chhabra

Actress Akanksha Puri says she wants to get the money back that was spent on her ex Paras Chhabra during his 'Bigg Boss 13' stint.

Bigg Boss 13 contestant Paras Chhabra may have moved on in his life after break up with ex-girlfriend Akanksha Puri but seems like his past relationship is still haunting him. The reason being- Paras allegedly owes Akanksha money from the time they were together and she arranged for his clothes and other needs on the reality show.

Speaking to SpotboyE, Akanksha said, "I am happy with my life and want to focus on my work. The moment he will pay my dues which is in lakhs, the last link will also be over between us. The amount is big, so I had given his mother the option to pay it in installments and she said they will get back to me which hasn't happened yet. I really don't want to keep any ties with him but before that he has to clear my dues."

Meanwhile, Paras has been in the limelight for his friendship with Bigg Boss 13 fellow inmate Mahira Sharma. He also recently also got his arm tattoo modified, which read Akanksha earlier but is now Bigg Boss eye symbol. Talking about changing his tattoo and how he got to the idea of the BB eye, Mahira had said in an interview that she was initially planning on getting the BB eye tattoo done on herself but Paras liked the thought and got his changed instead.

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Fondly called #Pahira by fans, the two have also featured in Baarish music video after their BB stint.