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Poker Is Something That Happened By Chance, Says Minissha Lamba

Poker Is Something That Happened By Chance, Says Minissha Lamba

Actress Minissha Lamba talks about her first film, game of poker and how she is going to celebrate her 35th birthday.

Bollywood actress Minissha Lamba's Bollywood career has been short but crisp, and she has her versatility speak for herself. Before her 35th birthday on Saturday, she talked about her Silver screen comeback, most memorable role and her theatre stint.

Excerpts from the interview:

In one of your interviews, you shared that you wanted to be a journalist but now you’re actress. Looking back at your career, how would you define the switch?

My preparations were pretty much on the fly when I first began because I got signed for my first film Yahaan and then the whole process of learning began. There wasn't a switch per se. More like a direction shift. I started shooting for Yahaan in my 3rd year of college in Delhi.

You’ve played a few but versatile characters in your career. What draws you towards a character?

A lot of times for me, I ask myself if this is a film I would pay to watch in a theatre. If the answer is yes, I go for it.

Which is your most memorable role till date?

Definitely my first film Yahaan. It’s a coming of age experience for me. It was me being thrown into the deep end of the ocean. Sink or swim. Luckily am a decent swimmer.

You have been a part of Bigg Boss 8. Are you following this season too?

Most years I follow big boss. Unfortunately this time I haven't. But I have heard that it's been great fun!

We have read that you’re a professional Poker player now and even playing world tournaments!

Poker is something that happened by chance. It's a game that is becoming hugely popular in our country. Though my purpose in life will always be acting and playing different characters on screen.

Poker is very inclusive. It’s a sport that anyone can take part in. Once you learn, anyone can take part in any event around the world. There are no such qualifying criteria. That's the beauty of it. If you can finance yourself for it. Then you can play. Simple.

You made your theatre debut in 2018. Although both the mediums are similar and difficult in some sense, what was more enjoyable for you?

I love theatre. I wish I had some of it sooner. It’s a collaborative effort of a different kind. I have done a solo English play called Mirror Mirror and an ensemble cast Hindi comedy called Hello Zindagi. It's a riot. I didn't think I had it in me to do theatre. But as they say. Don't say no to anything before trying. Except drugs. Always say no to drugs. And crime. That too. Lol.

You did your schooling in Kashmir. What was it like back then?

I did my 12th in Srinagar. It has got to be the most beautiful experience of my life. From the friends I made to the life experiences. And then in 3 years I went on to shoot a film being a Kashmiri girl. It felt like it was all preparation for playing my first film. Had I not lived in Kashmir, I wouldn’t have had any idea what it means to be a young adult from there at that time in history?

Are you looking at any Bollywood movie scripts currently?

I am mainly looking at script on web platforms and getting calls for TV projects which I am really keen to start once a banging project comes along. TV is generally a year's commitment so I want to look at something that I will love going to work and doing for the whole year. With web also, there is so much interesting stuff happening. It’s just a case of something all clicking together in place. A great time for entertainment and I am fully gung-ho to be working.

Your Birthday plans?

I’ll mostly be bring in my birthday with my friends here in Mumbai and then head to Goa.

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