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Possessive About Gauri to the Shah Rukh Khan Myth, David Letterman Show was a Revelation About the Superstar

Possessive About Gauri to the Shah Rukh Khan Myth, David Letterman Show was a Revelation About the Superstar

Shah Rukh Khan featured in a special episode of Netflix Original series 'My Next Guest with David Letterman'. Here are five major highlights from the show.

Shah Rukh Khan was at his charming and humourous best on the Netflix talk show My Next Guest with David Letterman. The hour-long episode that premiered on Netflix on October 25 included many candid revelations by the star about his personal life, also through the eyes of the star's better half Gauri Khan. Although Guari was not part of the runtime for long and only featured during a dinner scene with Letterman and SRK, she sure shed light on her relationship with SRK.

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Apart from this, the special episodes also included some anecdotal recalls by SRK to his youthful days spent in school and college and his humble beginnings in TV and then his foray into film industry. Here are the top five moments from the My Next Guest with David Letterman featuring Shah Rukh Khan.

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Possessive about Gauri Khan

Gauri Khan shyly revealed that SRK was quite possessive about her during the initial years of their relationship. She even recalled how after she had left Delhi, SRK came to Mumbai with his group of friends to search for her without having an address of her. SRK shared that he was almost broke by the time he finally met Gauri on a beach as he had anticipated.

SRK cooks Italian food for his kids

SRK is known to be a doting parent and he revealed on the show that he has taken up cooking as a hobby so that he can be nearer to his three kids. On being asked what he cooks for them, SRK responded by naming four Italian dishes that they like. We could see SRK chopping fine vegetables for the spread that he had perhaps prepared for Letterman when he visited the
former's palace Mannat in Mumbai for shooting the episode.

SRK reveals why is son Aryan is not going to be an actor

SRK revealed that his eldest son Aryan is a good 'writer' and that he is honing that skill at a university in America. He further revealed that Aryan is not going to be an actor as he himself thinks that he is not good at it. SRK also added that the reason that his father is a superstar also contributes towards Aryan's disinterest in acting. About Suhana, he admitted selecting gifts for her boyfriends and that he finds this activity most annoying.

SRK and Gauri were uncomfortable with his stardom initially

SRK revealed that for him and Gauri, who were both outsiders and were not connected to anyone in the film background, found the initial days of stardom to be bothering. Gauri added that she had realised early on that SRK will have to be shared with the millions of people who love him and that she had come to terms with the reality and that it helped her in adjusting to the new life with SRK.

SRK's theory about death

During a section on the talk show, SRK also revealed his idea of death. He recalled how he said all bad things to his mother on her deathbed so that by making her feel dissatisfied he could make her live a little longer. SRK laughed off the matter by saying it did not work and that his mother passed away while he was still young.

My Next Guest with David Letterman and Shah Rukh Khan is available for streaming on Netflix.

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