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Pratik Sehajpal Opens up on Break up with Bigg Boss 14's Pavitra Punia, Says She was Too Possessive

Pratik Sehajpal and Pavitra Punia

Pratik Sehajpal and Pavitra Punia

Pratik Sehajpal recently opened up about his relationship with Pavitra Punia and breaking up with the Bigg Boss 14 contestant.

Pavitra Punia, one of the most talked-about contestants of Bigg Boss 14, is hitting the headlines again for her relationship with ex-boyfriend Pratik Sehajpal. Pratik recently opened up about their relationship and breaking up with Pavitra.

In an interview, Pratik revealed that while the relationship was good till it lasted, it was besieged with clashes. He also revealed that the actress was quite possessive about him and objected to him doing intimate scenes.

“For once, she didn’t like it when I started talking to some senior person from a show. She wanted me to be around her for most of the time. But how can you avoid talking to people at parties?” he was quoted by Times Of India as saying,

Pavitra, in an episode of BB14, was seen talking about her break-up with Pratik and sighted the reason that he was too young and needed to put his career before her. She also called Pratik ‘very aggressive’ and when she suggested him to break up, revealing that he punched a wall in anger and his hand started bleeding. Pratik replied on the same and accepted that he did that to vent out his frustration, adding that Pavitra too is aggressive. He also mentioned that the actress threw and broke a few things in her house when they had a fight once.


Pratik, in his Instagram stories, admitted that he had anger issues as he is an emotional person but maintained that he never got violent with anyone. Pratik and Pavitra met during Box Cricket League and started dating. He said that they both invested in the relationship a lot and equally but the fights were many and hence the relationship ended in less than a year. When being asked about whether he is going to enter the Bigg Boss 14 or not, Pratik said he has not decided anything yet.

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first published:October 12, 2020, 12:50 IST