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Priyanka Chopra Would Like To Be PM of India, Avengers Endgame Set to Dethrone Avatar

Priyanka Chopra Would Like To Be PM of India, Avengers Endgame Set to Dethrone Avatar

Hina Khan's pictures from Europe trip with beau Rocky Jaiswal are too adorable, Malayalam Actor Vinayakan slammed for making sexist remarks and Bollywood celebrities attend Baba Siddique’s Iftar party.

A Twitter user, goes by the name of Roger Wardell, who posted accurate Avengers: Endgame details several months before the movie was released, has shared alleged details about more unreleased films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The films, according to Wardell, Marvel is developing are Black Widow, The Eternals, Black Panther 2, Shang-Chi, Doctor Strange 2, Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3.

He added that there are plans to make new Thor, Ant-Man and Captain Marvel sequels and suggests there could even be New Avengers, Young Avengers and Dark Avengers films.

Meanwhile, Avengers: Endgame is close to becoming the highest-grossing movie of all time, as it needs to earn just under USD 75 million (Rs 520 crore) more to have made more money than Avatar at the global box office.

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In another news, Priyanka said that she did not like the things associated with politics, but both she and her husband Nick Jonas really want to make a change. Even if that means running for the position of the Prime Minister of India. The actress, who's had world domination on her mind ever since she won the Miss World pageant years ago, also wants husband Nick Jonas to run for President if that's what it takes to bring about change in America.

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Marvel has already revealed the release dates for a bunch of movies from the fourth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though it hasn't yet divulged any details about the plot of any of the future films. A Twitter user has shared details as to what the upcoming Marvel films with deal with.

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Priyanka Chopra isn't quite politically inclined, but she is definitely up for anything that brings about a positive change. "I would love to run for Prime Minister of India. I would love Nick to run for President. I don't like the things associated with politics, but I know that both of us really want to make a change. Never say never," InStyle quoted the actress as saying to Sunday Times in an interview.

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Hina Khan has been the talk of the town since her Cannes 2019 Film Festival debut for her movie ‘Lines’. After spending a fame-filled week at Cannes Film Festival 2019, Hina Khan made sure to make the best out of her trip by visiting Europe with her beau Rocky Jaiswal.

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Politician and social worker Baba Siddique’s Iftar party is one of the most anticipated events in Bollywood every year, and this season was no different as who’s who of showbiz came to his party. However, the highlight of the day was Bollywood superstars Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan attending the event.

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Malayalam film actor Vinayakan recently faced casteist slurs after he made an anti-BJP remark about the political outcome in the just-concluded Lok Sabha polls. However, a couple of days later, things took a U-turn with female activists releasing strongly worded statements against the actor for making sexist remarks against them in the past.

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