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Propose Day: 5 Best Proposals in TV Shows That People Still Cannot Forget

Propose Day: 5 Best Proposals in TV Shows That People Still Cannot Forget

To celebrate Propose Day 2021, we are listing 5 of the most romantic, elaborate and well thought-out proposals from some of our most favourite TV shows.

Valentine’s Week is here which means we will be celebrating a significant day starting from the 7th to 14th of February. Today is Propose Day, which is a celebration of a person confessing their feelings for their significant other and officially taking their relationship to the next level.

To celebrate this day, we are listing 5 of the most romantic, elaborate and well thought-out proposals from some of our most favourite TV shows. These proposals are a part of pop-culture and have helped several people proposition their significant others.

Monica and Chandler, Friends

Friends is one of the most popular shows of the world, so it is not a surprise that many people already know about Monica and Chandler’s epic proposal to each other. However, what is significant is that no matter how many times you watch the show, you will always cry in this sequence. In a two-part episode, Chandler tricks Monica into thinking that he doesn’t want to get married to her, while planning an elaborate proposal with the help of Phoebe. Monica, on the other hand, bumps into her ex Richard, who confesses his feelings to her. At the end, when Chandler thinks Monica has left him, she surprises him by asking him to marry her. The season 6 episodes 24 and 25 also have some of the best dialogues that are always quoted by fans. Not to mention, Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry knock it out of the park with their performance.


Holly and Michael, The Office

When one thinks about romance in The Office, they usually think about Jim and Pam. That couple is one of the best-written ones in television history and their relationship, over 9 years is what constitutes the heart of the show. Another famous couple is Dwight and Angela, who like Ross and Rachel, come together at the last episode of the show. However, the best proposal scene in the show is actually the one with Michael and Holly. Michael and Holly first meet early in the show where he realises that they basically have the same personality. However, they are soon separated and break up because of the distance. When Holly and Michael finally get back together after years, he walks her through the office and tells her how he fell in love with her. He then takes her to the HR department where all the other co-workers are waiting with candles. Everyone asks Holly to marry them and she says no. Finally they enter a room decorated with candles. When Michael actually begins proposing, the fire alarm beeps and the sprinkles flood the office. It is one of the most romantic scenes in the show known for its romances. It will bring tears to your eyes.

Jake and Amy, Brooklyn 99

One of the most elaborate yet heartwarming proposals of all time. Detective Jake Peralta asks Detective Amy Santiago to be his wife during the 5th Halloween Heist episode. For context, the detectives of the 99th precinct in NYPD take part in elaborate heists every Halloween, and the winner gets the “Amazing Human/ Genius” title. Every year, they have to steal something valuable before midnight and it progressively gets messier as each participant tries to outdo and betray the other. However, in season 5, the audience gets a surprise as no one wins the heist. We see Jake using the elaborate game to propose to Amy in the most romantic way. The charm of the proposal lies in the mystery of it, and when it happens, your eyes get misty without you realising it.

Patrick and David, Schitt’s Creek

David and Patrick’s proposal is not the one you see coming because it actually starts with a fight between the two. Patrick takes David to a nature’s hike and David, in a hilarious way, fights with him because he hates hiking. However, when Patrick injures himself, David carries him all the way to their picnic spot, where Patrick proposes at sunset. This is one of the most romantic proposals because it shows how real-life couples actually function. It is also an example of how a private and intimate proposal is just as romantic as one done in front of a lot of people. The duo is a fan-favourite, and this episode is one of the most highly rated ones in the entire series.

Barney and Robin, How I Met Your Mother

When we talk of elaborate proposals, nothing even remotely comes close to Barney Stinson’s proposal to Robin Scherbatsky in How I Met Your Mother. In a series of ‘steps’ Barney convinces Robin that they don’t work well together and fake-dates Robin’s co-worker Patrice, who she hates. He even lies to his closest friends, including Ted Mosby, who has always loved Robin and tells them he will get engaged to Patrice. When Robin goes to her favourite spot to grieve, she finds Barney has decorated it. She then scolds Barney for tricking and lying to her and thinks he will ask to get back together again. However, Barney surprises her by actually asking her to marry him. We all know how the show ends, but it still doesn’t mean that Barney and Robin did not have a beautiful relationship. This scene is a fan-favourite and people were actually disappointed with the show’s end because they thought that Barney and Robin were the more superior couple.

Wishing you and your loved one a happy Propose Day and Valentine’s Week!

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