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Raghubir Yadav: Lockdown Has Taught Me I Have Lost Myself In Past Couple Of Years

Raghubir Yadav: Lockdown Has Taught Me I Have Lost Myself In Past Couple Of Years

The actor, who is currently seen in the web show Panchayat, said he never looked at projects as good or bad but tries to see the goodness in every project.

Actor Raghubir Yadav has had some hits and misses since he took up acting all those years ago. He says he generally doesn't perceive projects as extremely good or bad. In fact, he "picks out the drawbacks" in a good project.

Asked about his best and worst projects, Raghubir, known for his work in films such as Lagaan, Club 60 and Sui Dhaaga, told IANS: "I have been part of this industry, I think, before 1980s. I have been associated with many projects in the entertainment field. I generally don't perceive projects as extremely good nor bad. I try to find goodness in the bad projects and pick out the drawbacks in good projects. All this is only for myself."

He is currently seen in the web series Panchayat. "The main reason that made me take up the series was the script, language and the many unique characters. It was like a breath of fresh air," he shared.

The Amazon Prime Video's web series Panchayat, created by The Viral Fever, follows an urban boy's journey far away from his comfort zone as he picks up a government job in rural heartlands. Caught between crazy characters, he quickly sets his mind on one thing – getting out of there as soon as possible.

"If we take a close look at rural India, we will never find anything that will leave us with a sense of similarity. I am known to play a lot of roles inspired by rural India, but there are so many unique characters that it is impossible to play all of them in one lifetime. 'Panchayat' throws light on one of such characters for me, that is what interested me," he said.

While the web series will surely entertain people, who are locked indoors due to COVID-19, Raghubir is keeping himself busy during quarantine period.

"This situation has given us the opportunity to reflect on ourselves. This situation has taught me that I have lost myself in the past couple of years. The time that we have got in hands now, I have chosen to completely indulge in doing household chores, music, old books - which have been lying in the dust for years and yoga for my health," he said.

He has already thought of the first thing that he will be doing once the 21-day lockdown is over.

"I will wake up in the morning and start my day by looking at the sunrise, thanking the world. This will be followed by yoga. In my workshop, I plan to make a flute. I will carve it and then play it too. I am hoping this will be a flute that brings me peace," said the "Newton" actor.

He is also trying to write his autobiography.

"The golden lessons that this life and experiences have taught me, are like treasures. I don't want to keep them hiding or saving for myself. Hence, I am trying to write my autobiography," said Raghubir, who was in news in February as his estranged wife Purnima Kharga had filed for divorce from the actor.

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