Raghubir Yadav On How Shooting At Real Locations Helped In Keeping Panchayat Realistic

Raghubir Yadav On How Shooting At Real Locations Helped In Keeping Panchayat Realistic

Veteran theatre and film actor Raghubir Yadav has once again impressed the audience with his performance in web series Panchayat. In a freewheeling chat, he talks about the making of the show and the possibility of the second season.

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  • Last Updated: April 16, 2020, 5:02 PM IST
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Raghubir Yadav is back with a new web series Panchayat, a satirical take on the Indian governing system. News8 caught up with the acting veteran and talked about his process and choice of characters.

How is the audience responding to Panchayat?

The positive reciprocation has made us believe that the stories emerging from the psyche and soil of the Indian subcontinent can truly do wonders.

Most of the web-series follow the trend of incorporating violence and vulgarity, but Panchayat seems to have taken a break from the conventions.

Vulgarity, abuses and nudity are notorious strands of imagination of the creators and online platforms have given them all the liberty to go ahead with this. I tried to watch some of these shows but could not keep going. To be very honest, you cannot sit together with your family and watch them. Very often I think that such scenes do not have any realistic connections. On the contrary, Panchayat makes us believe in the roots it shares with a real world. When I heard this story for the very first time, I was sure that if incorporated well, it will turn out to be an incredible story.

How was your experience of shooting Panchayat?

The shooting took place in a real location and not in a studio. It turned out to be really well as the aesthetics and the vivid hues of the village life can be clearly seen in the show.

Considering the concepts that are ruling masses currently, did you also think that Panchayat, with a very simple plot line will not be able to impress the audience?

No such thoughts ever crossed my mind. When I was involved with theatre, I visited several places and performed there. So, I have seen the audience very closely and all they want is a good story. They keep looking for meanings and realism in content. Whatever projects I have done until now, I took a very deep look at the content and only then I would get going.

What according to you is the best thing about Panchayat?

The language of the show is what touched my soul. Most of the creators ruin the beauty of a language by doing some mix and match. They do not tend to understand the differences between languages very well. I myself am a village person because of which I understand the beauty of knowledge really well. The innocence of this character and the music is what drew me closer to this show. The best thing about Panchayat is that there are no villains in this show. The characters of this show are simpletons and honest.

Is the second season around the corner?

We have shot eight episodes for the first season. The response we have gotten so far has left us inspired. But, all of us under this nationwide lockdown, season 2 will take some time.

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