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Rannvijay Singha Tries Hard to Maintain Balanced Life for Daughter Kainaat

Rannvijay Singha Tries Hard to Maintain Balanced Life for Daughter Kainaat

Rannvijay Singh speaks about his daughter Kainaat's life as a celebrity's child, on Splitsvilla Season 11 and a lot more.

Mumbai: Actor-anchor Rannvijay Singha, the photographs of whose one-year-old daughter Kainaat's 'playdate' with Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan's son Taimur in London were splashed across social media, says he is trying to give his child a "balanced life" amidst the media glare.

He admits being a father at a time when celebrities' kids are not being spared by the media's prying cameras is "difficult".

"So much has changed over the years, there is more and more media everywhere you go, but we try to maintain a balanced life for Kainaat. We are grateful to our friends in the media fraternity who have been kind enough to understand and maintain our personal space," Rannvijay told IANS in an email interview.

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On the work front, Rannvijay is currently busy on reality TV show "Splitsvilla Season 11", in which he features with Sunny Leone.

He said: "This is our most exciting season yet, and yes, we're having a great time shooting. It's like coming home when I work with our team... We've shared so much together."

Rannvijay, who started his journey in showbiz with MTV Roadies, and then made his way as a video jockey to acting, is also a poker enthusiast. He is the brand ambassador of online poker gaming portal The Spartan Poker, which began the India Online Poker Championship on July 13.

There are a lot of Bollywood celebrities who are hooked to the game of poker.

"A huge number of people play poker to enhance their decision-making and risk-taking skills. Especially now, with digital poker platforms making it easily accessible, everyone can play. I think it's healthy to use poker as a tool to grow, like recently a celebrity admitted to learning to be more patient thanks to poker and I think that many people, including celebrities, should take advantage of such games and sports to enhance various skills," he said.

Does a career in showbiz requires as much skill and strategy as in a game of poker?

"Of course it does. In fact any career requires strategic and tactical planning, and one has to think through every move. If I am doing a certain project, I always consider the various outcomes of my association with that project and then take a call, just like a game of poker, where you have to weigh out the various probable outcomes as well as read the other players."

Personally, for Rannvijay, "it's creative, educational and scientific, all-in-one".

Having a poker face doesn't exactly help in films, isn't it?

"Well, a poker face has its drawbacks and advantages, while you will easily pickup mannerisms and the nature of a character with the same, you may face some hurdles while playing others... Although it's all about conditioning. If you can mould yourself and condition yourself to understand and express as required, you can move beyond your 'poker face problems'."