Ranvir Shorey on Fallout with Bhatts: Was Professionally and Socially Isolated

Image courtesy: Ranvir Shorey/ Twitter

Image courtesy: Ranvir Shorey/ Twitter

Ranvir Shorey has recently tweeted that he was socially and professionally isolated and things became so toxic for him in 2003-05 that he flew out of the country.

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  • Last Updated: July 27, 2020, 6:23 PM IST
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Last week, Ranvir Shorey had tweeted that between 2003 and 05, he went through psychological trauma when he faced professional and social isolation and claimed that there were lies about him in the press. While he didn't mention any names in his tweets he said that things became so toxic that he had to fly out of the country for some time.

Ranvir was talking about the 'Insider' vs 'Outsider' debate which has been reignited in the aftermath of Sushant Singh Rajput's death.

Now, in a recent interaction with Hindustan Times, the actor shared more details about the tweet and opened up about his fallout with the Bhatts. He said, "I went through a similar experience where I was professionally and socially isolated, equally pressured from all ends. Every chance and every platform they would get, they would be lying about me, saying I am an alcoholic and abuser. You feel so helpless and powerless because these people are so powerful that the press will just listen to them and not even bother calling you for your side of the story. You just feel so helpless and frustrated because you can’t do anything about it. It got really toxic for me at the time and I had to leave the country for a while."

"Nobody bothered to check the facts because a certain party is more powerful, famous and more friendly with the media. Only their version comes out. The facts and reality of the other person’s story never comes out. The media is to blame for half of it," he added.

Upon his return to the country, he started from scratch and did television for some time and slowly and steadily started working on his filmography. He said he's still an outcast continues to fight for his place in the industry.

Ranvir said he doesn't see Insider vs Outsiders furore as a debate. Instead, he sees it as a handful of people having power over distribution and media and step-child treatment given to smaller films and talent which they don’t approve of.

"Thanks to streaming platforms, one doesn’t have to depend on the coterie that controls theatrical distribution and media in the country, as far as the movie business is concerned," he told the publication.

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