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Raveena Tandon Recalls Getting Pinched, Eve-Teased After Tweep Asks If Knows Struggle Of Middle Class Mumbaikaars

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Last Updated: July 03, 2022, 15:55 IST

Raveena Tandon

Raveena Tandon

Raveena Tandon opened up about her struggle before she became a star when a netizen asked if she even knows what the struggle of a middle class Mumbaikaar is like

Raveena Tandon has always been vocal about her experiences early on in her career. From opening up about how actors were favoured in Bollywood to talking about media’s hand in making or breaking a star, she has never shied away from sharing her thoughts. Now, in a series of tweets, she has opened up about her struggles before she became a star.

Raveena Tandon had been opposing Devendra Fadnavis’ decision to shift back the Metro 3 car shed to the Aarey forest in Mumbai and has been tweeting about it as well. Referring to this, one netizen questioned her if people like her would even know the struggle that a middle class Mumbaikaar would have to go through. Responding to it, Raveena Tandon wrote, “Teen years, travelled in locals/buses, got eve teased, pinched, and everything that most women go through, earned my first car in 92. Development is welcome, we have to be responsible, not only a project, but wherever we are cutting through are forests, to safeguard environment/wildlife.”


She continued and tweeted, “Everyone’s life is not a bed of roses. Everyone has struggled to reach somewhere. I’m sure you have a house/car too. The day heat waves/flooding/natural disasters strike, it’ll effect the common man first. Elitists will be the first to run away to their Swiss chalet.”

Sher also added, “All development is welcome. All one prays is that more is done to compensate for environmental loss/safeguarding of wildlife. India today prides herself with tiger count increase, but because of depleting forest road/rail kills of leopards and tigers are increasing.”

Another netizen tagged her in a video of Mumbai local, where a young boy fell from the train while it was moving. He wrote, “Hello @TandonRaveena, When did you last travel like this to oppose Metro? You folks are shameless.” To this, the Aranyak actress replied, “Until 1991, I travelled like this. And being a girl also got physically harassed by nameless trolls like you. Before I started working, saw success and earned my first car. Troll Ji. Nagpur ke ho, hara bhara hai aap ka city (Your city Nagpur is evergreen). Lucky. Don’t grudge anyone (for) their success or earnings.”

What is your opinion on this? Raveena Tandon was last seen in K.G.F Chapter 2 where she played the character of Ramika Sen.

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first published:July 03, 2022, 15:55 IST
last updated:July 03, 2022, 15:55 IST