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Remember actress Tabassum? She is back with a web series called 'Tabassum Talkies'

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Last Updated: February 10, 2016, 15:31 IST

Remember actress Tabassum? She is back with a web series called 'Tabassum Talkies'

Doordarshan era before the ‘90s had two specific programs related with Hindi Cinema enjoying a huge fan following all over the country. The first was ‘Chitrahaar’ - a 30 minutes bouquet of hit Hindi film songs including the latest ones and second ‘Phool Khiley Hain Gulshan Gulshan’ - a 30 minutes show of celebrity interviews featuring the ever smiling, bubbly and cheerful Tabassum as the anchor/interviewer.

Presented as the nation’s first television talk show, the program was known for its positive, honest and respectful style of conversing with the icons. In fact, such was the popularity of the show that a Hindi film was also given the same title ‘Phool Khiley Hain Gulshan Gulshan’ released in 1978 featuring Rishi Kapoor & Moshumi Chatterjee in the lead.

Beginning her career as a child artist in the late 40s, the veteran actor/anchor was popularly known as Baby Tabassum, who later came with one of the longest running and most loved talk shows in the history of Indian television. Humour remained a major element of her program enjoyed by all age groups and not many know that Tabassum later also penned a successful series of multilingual joke books continuing the same tradition.

Presently, keeping pace with the digital world, the legend is back with an exciting web series on Youtube, ‘Tabassum Talkies’, that will not only showcase clippings of her loving interactions with the big stars of our golden era, but would also share many memorable anecdotes and behind-the-scene information adding to the nostalgia.

The first episode of the series features a rare interview with Sunil Dutt, where the actor emotionally talks about his life after the sudden death of Nargis. And these six minutes of the episode clearly indicate the precious treasure coming ahead in the series rightly titled ‘Tabassum Talkies’

So do watch it and have an emotional walk down the memory lane with the ever smiling Tabassum.

first published:February 10, 2016, 11:34 IST
last updated:February 10, 2016, 15:31 IST