Review: Seventeen Offer Fleeting Distraction With New EP

This cover image released by Pledis Entertainment shows

This cover image released by Pledis Entertainment shows "Semicolon," a release by Seventeen. (Pledis Entertainment via AP)

Semicolon, by Seventeen (Pledis Entertainment)

Semicolon, by Seventeen (Pledis Entertainment)

Is it a Homerun for Seventeen?

With special album ;(Semicolon), Seventeen offer some comfort pop.

Punctuation can be difficult, as is putting together a great album. Semicolons are notorious little bumps in the road of run-on sentences. Do they join or do they separate? K-pops self-producing idols Seventeen take the orthographic challenge of bridging their 2020 with a third extended play but not a full-blown fourth studio album.

The six-track records strategy is to offer easily palatable fare for this difficult period and what better way than to burrow in nostalgia? First single Home;run is an upbeat poppyfied lindy hop that gets the energy up in the room, followed by a slow burn trap bass line with Doremi; Hey Buddy has a playful 80s instrumentation vibe that pairs well with the easy listening aura of Ah!Love!; Light a Flame has the whole orchestra pitch in with a Latin-flavored tune while All My Love catches a whiff of one of those 90s boyband hooks.

;(Semicolon) sums up the entire year perfectly: a little entertainment, a little distraction and, as the hours pass, a little forgettable.

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