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Revisit 10 Best Moments from Friends Before the Highly Anticipated Reunion

Revisit 10 Best Moments from Friends Before the Highly Anticipated Reunion

Before the highly anticipated Friends Reunion, here is a look at some of the best moments of the show across its ten seasons.

The cast of the popular sitcom Friends got together for a filmed reunion for the first time since 2004. The series which aired for ten seasons, starred Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer, Matthew Perry and Matt Le Blanc.

Before the highly anticipated reunion drops, let’s take a look at the best moments from ten seasons.

Season 1

The One With The Birth: The entire first season Friends introduces us to the six protagonists. It starts with Rachel leaving her fiance Barry at the altar and reaching out to her high school friend Monica. We also get to know Monica’a brother Ross has been recently divorced from his wife Susan, who came out as a lesbian. Even though it is hard to choose. One of the best moments of Friends season 1 is the birth of Ross’ son Ben. The scene where the friends gather around Ben’s crib is always emotional to watch.

Season 2

The One with the Prom Video: One of the most popular arcs of Friends was Ross and Rachel’s love story. In the first season Ross struggles to tell Rachel his feelings and in the first part of season 2 Rachel does the same. Their relationship becomes strained when she finds a list of cons about her written by Ross. However, one day when they 6 friends gather to watch a home video of Rachel and Monica going to Prom, Rachel realises that Ross has always been in love with her. They kiss and begin their relationship. It is the episode where the iconic line by Phoebe, “See, he’s her lobster” originates.

Season 3

The One With The Morning After: This might not be the happiest moment, but it is the most influential moment of season 3. It also sets the course for the hot and cold Ross and Rachel relationship. After Ross acts extremely jealous around Rachel’s colleague, she asks for a break from him. Ross then, in a drunken stupour sleeps with Chloe, a woman who works in the neighborhood xerox store within hours. The next day Rachel apologises and says she loves him. Ross tries to hide the information from Rachel but Gunther has already told her about it. Ross and Rachel get into an explosive fight with the others hiding in Monica’s room and break up for good.

Season 4

The One With Ross’ Wedding: While season 4 had major storylines, the repercussions of Ross and Rachel’s break-up, Ross getting engaged to Emily and Phoebe being her brother’s surrogate, the best moment was the most shocking one. At Ross’ rehersal dinner at London, Monica gets depressed due to her stagnant life. She gets really drunk and Chandler tries to console her by saying she is “the most beautiful woman in every room.” Cut to the morning of Ross’ wedding where we find out that Monica and Chandler hooked up. This was the beginning of ‘Mondler’ AKA the best relationship of the show.

Season 5

The One Hundreth + The One Where Everybody Finds Out: It is very hard to choose the best moment of a strong season and hence we have two.

The best moment was when Pheobe gave birth to her brother’s triplets in the hundreth episode of Friends. It was a very emotional episode, as she had to give away the babies, despite keeping one of the triplets. The scene in which she has a conversation with the babies is heart wrenching. In the ten seasons of Friends, we saw three different types of childbirth. Phoebe was a surrogate, Rachel was a single mother and Monica was a mother through adoption.

Another great moment was when one by one Joey, Rachel, Phoebe and at the end Ross finds the big secret that Monica and Rachel are in a relationship. The One Where Everybody Finds Out is one of the funniest episodes.

Season 6

The One with the Proposal Part 2: Chandler and Monica’s engagement is one or the most beautiful ones in TV history. In the two part series Chandler tricks Monica into thinking he never wants to get married. However, his first proposal gets interrupted by her ex Richard. Richard then confesses his feelings to Monica, saying that he is ready to have children with her. Chandler thinks that his antics have pushed Monica away. Heartbroken, he comes home to find Monica proposing to him. It is one of the most beautiful moments of the show and is surely to make you cry.

Season 7

The One with Monica and Chandler’s Wedding: Chandler ane Monica’s wedding doesn’t go smoothly as Chandler quickly gets cold feet thinking about his parents. On the other hand, Rachel and Phoebe find a positive pregnancy test in the dustbin. Chandler runs away leaving a note and Ross and Phoebe try to find him. Rachel distracts Monica from finding out. On the other hand, Joey, who is officiating the wedding is stuck on his film’s set. Ross finds Chandler and brings him to the menu, but he runs again when he overhears Phoebe and Rachel talkimg about Monica’s pregnancy. However, he comes back in the nick of time.

Season 8

The One Where Rachel Has A Baby, Part 2

Season 8 premiers by letting the audience know that it is actually Rachel who is pregnant. We also find out that Ross is the father. In The One Where Rachel Has A Baby, Part 2, we see Rachel give birth to her daughter Emma Geller-Green. We also see Monica give Rachel Emma’s name as she had saved it for her own daughter. Emma’s birth is a turning point for Rachel’s life.

Season 9

The One with Ross’ Inappropriate Song: To be honest, season 9 of Friends was more of a filler season. It was funny but no major milestones were achieved. It focused mainly on Mondler’s married life and Ross and Rachel parenting Emma. In one of the funniest episodes, Ross makes Emma laugh by singing ‘Baby Got Back’ by Sir Mix-a-lot. Rachel reprimands Ross for singing an inappropriate song to their baby. However, when Rachel tries to make Emma laugh with no luck, she has to sing the same song.

Season 10

The One with Phoebe’s Wedding + The Last One

Since season 10 was the last season, there were many amazing moments. The Thanksgiving episode where Monica and Chandler finds out they are being chosen to adopt a baby and Chandler’s speech to Erica, the woman giving her baby up for adoption are very emotional moments.

However, one of the most beautiful moments is Phoebe’s wedding episode with Mike. Their original plans get halted as New York is hit with a snow-storm so they decide to get married at Central Perk. It is one of the most beautiful ceremonies of the show.

The finale too, is pretty important for obvious reasons. When Rachel gets off the plane, when the 6 of them go out for coffee for the last time and the shot of their individual keys are the most emotional moments of the entire show.

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