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Rimi Sen on Stepping Away from Showbiz: 'Didn't Know How to Handle My Career'

Actress Rimi Sen

Actress Rimi Sen

Rimi Sen is planning her showbiz comeback after doing her last film 'Shagird' a decade ago. She says a good OTT project with a meaningful role would be ideal for her.

Once a prominent face in blockbuster multi-starrers like Hungama, Golmaal and Thank You to name a few, Rimi Sen’s absence from showbiz has been puzzling many. Why would a successful, money-making Bollywood actress step away from the limelight when lucrative offers keep knocking on the door? In her own words, Rimi’s decision to take a backseat came from a place of not being “very serious” about acting and “not knowing” how to handle her career.

She says, “There’s more to acting than just going on the set, performing and giving your best shot. I never knew about the whole process because in order to understand that, one needs to be mature. I did not know how to handle people, my career, PR and how to stay in touch with people. I had become like a machine. There are some who work for money, others do it for fame. Some delve into their characters and give it their all. Every project is like do and die business for them. I was never that serious about acting. I was very young and offers and money kept coming in. I’d say, I did not choose this profession, rather it chose me.”

Rimi shares typecasting also prompted her break. “I was just doing comedy films. Initially, I did enjoy working, but when I started studying my career a bit more, I looked for different kinds of roles and did Johnny Gaddaar and Sankat City. Unfortunately, when these character driven films did not work, my career took a hit. I was still getting parts in comedies, but I did not want to do them just for survival. I was stuck. Obviously, financial security plays an important role but after a point of time money stopped being a factor. My creative thirst was not getting satisfied. So I decided to take a gap.”

Post this, Rimi went behind the camera and produced Budhia Singh – Born to Run in 2016. Its commercial failure pushed her further against the wall. Now, she is all set for her acting comeback and OTT seems to be her choice. “I have now decided to kickstart my second and last innings. I want to work in shows where the character I play is important to the story. I am waiting for a role which makes it worth my while. In my current phase of life, I can’t give competition to actresses. I am not adamant on doing lead roles. I want to do something memorable. I am not looking for fame and money but creative satisfaction,” she says.


In her off-season, Rimi says she understood her body better and that developed her confidence. “I listened to my body. What kind of food and workout suits me, I know now. Earlier, I was trying to make my body look a certain way. Now, I work within my capabilities and limitations and am in my best shape. This has taken some time but I take care of my lifestyle now. This has helped me a lot,” she signs off.

first published:April 04, 2021, 09:04 IST