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Ritvik Arora No Longer Part Of Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, Here is Why

credits - Ritvik Arora instagram

credits - Ritvik Arora instagram

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke's Rajan Shahi decided against working with Ritvik Arora because of the actor's “unprofessional behaviour" and exorbitant fee hike.

Actor Ritvik Arora, who plays the role of Kunal Rajvansh in Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, has been dropped from the show. Producer of the show Rajan Shahi decided against working with him because of his “unprofessional behaviour.”

According to ETimes, Shahi revealed in an interview two weeks ago, that one of his lead actors was demanding an exorbitant fee hike and also behaving unprofessionally. However, at that time, the producer did not reveal the name of that actor.

In a latest development, Shahi has confirmed to ETimes that the actor was Arora. The producer divulged that when a few weeks ago the show’s supervising producer Vivek Jain called Ritvik, the actor said he was ready to resume work from July 1, but they should first talk to his father.


“That itself was unprofessional because he’s the actor, who has signed a contract with us,” said Shahi.

The producer added that when Jain called his father, he asked for almost doubling the actor’s remuneration, besides a minimum 25-day work guarantee. Shahi also said that Arora’s father even asked Jain not to call again if they wanted to negotiate.

Shahi said that they have been very accommodating with actors having genuine coronavirus concerns.

On the other hand, Arora said that he was not returning to the city due to COVID-19. He stated that his uncle passed away recently, so everyone in his family was worried.

The actor said that he asked his father to communicate with the producers of the show as he was “deeply affected by my uncle’s death.”

Arora added that he also asked his father to apologise. “In his apology, my father stated that it wasn’t about the money, but about my safety and well-being,” Arora said.

The actor asserted that all this is happening because of “miscommunication and misunderstanding.”