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Robert De Niro Criticises White House for Not Doing Enough During Covid-19 Pandemic

Actoe Robert de Niro

Actoe Robert de Niro

Hollywood actor Robert De Niro has once again criticised the Donal Trump government in the US for not dealing sincerely with the coronavirus pandemic.

Acclaimed Hollywood actor Robert De Niro, who is also the co-founder of Tribeca Film Festival Co-Founder, is not happy with the efforts made by the American president and the White House during the coronavirus pandemic. While speaking at a roundtable for the first edition of We Are One: A Global Film Festival, he blasted Donald Trump.

As per a report in The Hindu, he said, "We could have gotten out of it a lot easier and this whole situation could have been minimized a lot more if we had the right team in the White House. That’s even more distressing."

He also said, "We’re in it for we don’t know how long. However we come out of it, it will be in stops and starts and spurts and here and there, until there are definite cures or a vaccine. It’s a whole different thing. It’s like a science-fiction movie. We’ll get through it. We’ll get there. It’s just what it is."

Earlier, in September last year, the actor, who is a vocal Trump critic, had called the POTUS a person with "no ethics and morals".

"I hope he gets impeached, it has to be followed through. He's such a low life... He taints everybody around him. There's a very few that have escaped it. I'm amazed that so many people have not stood up to him. Some have quit. It's disgraceful with this guy. He has no centre, no ethics, no morals. He's amoral, immoral. And the people around him... not good," De Niro told Variety.

He was speaking at the New York premiere for the Netflix film The Irishman in the wake of the Democrats launching an official impeachment inquiry on Trump.

first published:May 29, 2020, 14:41 IST