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Rohini Court Shootout: Paatal Lok Creator Sudip Sharma Surprised by Comparisons with Web Series

By: Sonil Dedhia


Last Updated: September 25, 2021, 16:08 IST

Abhishek Banerjee in a still from Paatal Lok.

Abhishek Banerjee in a still from Paatal Lok.

Gangster Jitendra Gogi's death in the Rohini court firing is being compared to the shootout climax in web series Paatal Lok created by Sudip Sharma.

Jailed gangster Jitendra Gogi was shot dead on Friday inside Delhi’s Rohini court by two assailants dressed as lawyers who were also killed in a swift police counter-fire, officials said. The two gunmen dressed as lawyers barged into a court hearing and shot gangster Jitender Gogi thrice. Special force personnel escorting the gangster then fired back, killing both the attackers on the spot. A total of 30 bullets were fired.

Jitender Maan alias Gogi, who carried a reward of Rs 6.5 lakh on his head, was arrested along with his three accomplices from Gurgaon by a team of special cell last year in March, involved in several criminal cases and jailed at Tihar since last year, was declared dead in hospital.

The incident has been compared to Amazon Prime’s web series Pataal Lok, wherein gangster Hatoda Tyagi (played by Abhishek Banerjee) engages in a brawl inside a courtroom and shoots himself.

News18.com reached out to Pataal Lok’s writer Sudip Sharma who was unaware of the Delhi incident. “I haven’t checked the news as I am busy writing something so I don’t know what happened in the Delhi court. But I am surprised by the comparisons. I don’t think art has that kind of influence. If anything, that scene in Pataal Lok was in itself inspired by several real incidents that we all have read about in the past. Films are soft targets that people tend to use when something like this happens," he told News18.

Sharma feels the argument is debatable till no end. “When something like this happens, we try to find a justification for it, and the easiest answer to latch on is that it is inspired from a film or a show. For example director, Gus Van Sant’s film The Elephant (2003) was about a high school massacre. The question arises whether the film is inspired from real-life incidents or is the film inspiring these massacres," he says.


He further adds that the audience tends to ignore the positive side of any form of art. “There are several other things that a film or a show talks about. But no one comes and says that he or she became a good person because he was inspired by a film. Art, especially films have been propagating virtue and benevolence and goodness for the longest time and the world would have been a better place if we followed it."

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first published:September 24, 2021, 18:11 IST
last updated:September 25, 2021, 16:08 IST