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Sacha Baron Cohen Touches Upon Pedophilia and Silencing of Young Boys in Latest Project

Sacha Baron Cohen

Sacha Baron Cohen

In his latest venture, Sacha Baron Cohen talks about pressing social issues of our times,

Actor Sacha Baron Cohen’s recent project has shed light on how there is a barely hidden industry of molesting and silencing young boys. What is more shocking is the fact that concerned authorities pay no attention to this.

Giving an insight that will certainly send shivers down your spine, the actor revealed that his ‘Gio Moldonado’ character had touched upon the Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assault cases. The actor then pointed toward the extreme comedy in the entire incident. Elaborating upon this, he stated how the character had molested a young boy. However, what was more shocking in the incident is the way in which the concierge reacted to the entire incident.


Sacha said, “We thought the guy would leave the room. Instead this concierge chose to stay in the room. That is when I go like ‘listen you have got to help me get rid of the problem’. There is a point when the guy starts advising the character as to how to get rid of the said issue.”

The ace actor reveals how things take an interesting turn after the two of them at a point talk about murdering the victim which is the young boy in this case. On this note, the concierge says, “Well listen I am really sorry. In this country we cannot just drown the boy. This is America, we do not do that.”

Elaborating further about how thing proceed from there on, the actor reveals how the concierge offers to connect him with a lawyer in order to silence the victim. If this wasn’t shocking enough, the character played by Sacha then inquires if he could set up a date for him with a young boy. The concierge replies in a yes, saying that he can connect him with someone who could assist him in getting some boys.

Eventually the footage is sent to the FBI so that they can take action. However, in the end, as per the actor, the agency decides to not pursue the matter.

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