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Saif Ali Khan Says the Silver Lining of Living in Lockdown is Having Son Taimur Ali Khan

Image: Instagram

Image: Instagram

There are 150 things to do, says Saif Ali Khan, who is glad that he is getting to spend his quarantine days with his three-year-old son.

As as India and the world locks down to fight the novel coronavirus, Saif Ali Khan is spending his quarantine days with wife Kareena Kapoor Khan and his youngest son Taimur. The actor says while not much has changed in his life as he likes to spend time alone, he is worried about those who are less fortunate.

"(My) Thoughts are with those less fortunate. As actors, nothing much has changed, we usually spend time alone, by ourselves. The silver lining is having Taimur Ali Khan. There are a 150 things to do. But it's important to remember that it's not a holiday, we're all actively fighting a war. We hope that people can work together to make it better," he told India Today.

Revealing further about how the three-year-old is handling the lockdown, Saif said, "He's just happy to have his parents around and that gives us a lot of positivity. We paint and spend time with each other as a family, and that's, like I said, a silver lining in this lockdown."

And how does wife Kareena keep herself busy?

"I read a lot but even though she doesn't read all that she has a discipline. She wakes up at a certain hour, exercises, watches some Spanish TV shows. We do our thing, and then reconnect at say 4pm and have family time.

"On some days we sit on the terrace, she dresses up and we're drinking something. She's super-cool as a person and I'm just impressed with her positive attitude and just the way she balances life. The other day she asked me to cook something, just her way of handling the lockdown," Saif said.

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