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Saira Banu on Dilip Kumar's Health: He's Not Too Well

Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu

Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu

Opening up on veteran actor Dilip Kumar's current health condition, Saira Banu shared that he not too well and his immunity is low.

With an age difference of 22 years and a marriage that has endured 55 years, Saira Banu and Dilip Kumar’s matrimony is surely an inspirational one. The eternal couple of Bollywood has beaten several odds over the decades and managed to stay strong till date.

During a recent interaction with The Times of India, Saira Banu spoke at length about her life and story with Dilip Kumar. The veteran actress gave an update about her husband’s health. She revealed it is fragile, at the moment. Saira, who has been taking care of Kumar through various spells of ill health, said that he is weak and has low immunity. She said, “Pray for his welfare. We are grateful to God for each day."

When asked about getting married to such a huge superstar back then, Saira said they were both well-placed in their careers. In fact, Saira mentioned that the 97-year-old actor did fewer films back than he actually could have. She noted that Dilip has always been very down-to-earth and had no airs, which is why it was not a difficult adjustment for her.

Speaking about selflessly looking after her husband to date, the 76-year-old actress shared that it comes naturally to her. She added that after working and travelling a lot, she reached a point of saturation. Lastly, she clarified that she looks after Dilip “Out of love and not duress.” Saira stated that she is not looking to earn praises and be hailed by others as a "devoted wife".

“Just to touch him and cuddle him is the world's best thing that's happening to me. I adore him and he is my breath itself," the network quoted Saira as saying.

Back in August and September of this year, Dilip lost his brothers, Aslam Khan and Ehsan Khan, to COVID-19. Saira and Kumar, who celebrate their wedding anniversary in the month of October, gave the celebrations a miss this year. Saira mentioned in a tweet that due to deaths in the family, they are not celebrating.