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Sara Ali Khan Uses World Ice Cream Day as Excuse to Binge Away, Posts Guilty Photo

Sara Ali Khan

Sara Ali Khan

Sara Ali Khan posted a colourful photo of herself with a cute expression admitting that she is guilty of binge eating on World Ice Cream Day.

The third Sunday of July is celebrated as World Ice Cream Day. Actress Sara Ali Khan posted a photo of herself posing with an ice cream cone, saying that she used the day as an excuse to binge on the sweet dessert and is feeling guilty now.

Sara looked cute in the photo with colourful backdrop that has candyfloss balloons and lollipop plants. The colours matched the multi-colour nail paint on her fingers.

She posted the photo alongwith her signature #SarakiShayari. "Happy World Ice-Cream Day It was my excuse to binge away Tomorrow in the gym I'll have to pay ️‍♀️ To make sure the calories and subsequent guilt stay away ✋ But for now I'm going devour ice cream the #PropahLady way," she posted.

In 1984, US President Ronald Reagan he signed a proclamation that declared July to be National Ice Cream Month. The third Sunday of that month, which this year fell on July 19, became officially known as National Ice Cream Day.

Sara recently sent out a virtual hug on behalf of her mother Amrita Singh to Taapsee Pannu, after the latter praised the senior actress for her work on the 2019 film Badla. Taapsee talked about the depth in Amrita's performance and how the two connected on the sets of the film.

In response to the kind words that Taapsee shared for her mother Amrita, Sara wrote on Instagram, "Thank you Taapsee. Amma sends you a big hug."

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