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Second Seasons of Shows Often Tend to Be Revenge Stories: Rasika Dugal

By: Bohni Bandyopadhyay


Last Updated: May 10, 2021, 17:02 IST

Rasika Dugal in Out of Love Season 2.

Rasika Dugal in Out of Love Season 2.

Rasika Dugal talks about her vengeful characters in Mirzapur 2 and Out of Love season 2, and how they are miles apart from each other.

After plotting and exacting revenge as Beena in Mirzapur S2, Rasika Dugal is back in another vengeful avatar in the second season of Out of Love. Reprising her role as Dr Meera in the drama series, her singular focus is on revenge in Season 2. Though the context and characteristics of both series are worlds apart, what stays common is the feeling of revenge and the actress enacting those roles.

Talking about how things have changed for her character in Out of Love Season 2, Rasika says, “Season 2’s story picks up three years after season one ends, so there is that time jump. And you see a very different side of Meera Kapoor at the end of season one, and in the beginning of season 2. At the end of season one she is just trying to deal with what has happened to her in the aftermath of the infidelity of her husband Akarsh. She’s still trying to understand where she’s going to go with her life. But in Season 2 she is a very confident, comfortable and happy person who has found her own rhythm in life, a life which does not include Akarsh. Her life is primarily about her work and her relationship with her son.”

“Then all of that changes as Akarsh comes back and Meera realizes that all the things that she thought she has dealt with and shut off in her life has begun to surface again. Season 2 is like a psychological warfare between Meera and Akarsh and both of them tend to make some irrational and erratic decisions, which doesn’t turn out well for either of them,” she adds.

In Mirzapur season 2, Beena takes matters into her own hands to secretly take revenge against her husband and father-in-law. The world of Mirzapur is raw and ruthless, very different from that of the small town sophistication of Meera’s character in Out of Love 2. Rasika, while transforming into both these roles from very different milieus, has kept the essence of vengeance intact.


“The thing about season 2s I have realized is that they often tend to become about revenge stories, at some level, depending on the script. If you’ve raised the stakes to a certain level in season one, and there has been something of monumental importance which has happened, season two tends to be dealing with the people who felt wronged at the end of the day. Even though Mirzapur and Out of Love are very different stories, there is a revenge angle in both as often season 2s tend to have. But it’s a very different kind of revenge. Beena is miles apart from Meera or any other character I have played,” Rasika elaborates.

Out of Love Season 2 is streaming episodically on Disney+ Hotstar.

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first published:May 10, 2021, 17:02 IST
last updated:May 10, 2021, 17:02 IST