Selena Gomez Encourages Followers to Go and Vote in Person at US Election 2020

Selena Gomez Encourages Followers to Go and Vote in Person at US Election 2020

On US election day, Selena Gomez urged followers who hadn't cast their vote yet to fill their ballot in person since every voice counts.

As the world waits to see whether Donald Trump or Joe Biden is elected as the next US President, Selena Gomez urged fans to cast their vote. The singer emphasized on the importance of voting in the US election, sharing a pleading post on Instagram addressing her followers. She particularly focused on voters from her home state Texas, asking them to go and vote in person.

"I know that many of you have voted, and I'm so proud and I am so happy that you did, but there is plenty of people that haven't and I don't think they plan to. So please don't use mail-in ballot. Please vote in person at this point if you can, especially in my hometown like Texas and Pennsylvania and Florida. Your voice matters," she said in a video posted on her Instagram story.

She also said that every vote counts, since contests have been very close before. "So many people think that it doesn't matter, but other elections have been this close before so you have to understand that your voice does matter and it's so important and I'm just so thankful that you guys are listening, and I hope that you can get out there and do everything that you can. Please, please vote in person," she said.

Gomez is a co-chair on Michelle Obama's When We All Vote initiative. While she hasn't officially endorsed any candidate, she made her distaste for Republican nominee, President Donald Trump, known when on Instagram Live with fellow Biden supporter Timothée Chalamet, reported

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