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Shaan's New Single Dhak Dhakk Dharti, Featuring Akshay Kumar, An Ode To The Environment

Shaan's New Single Dhak Dhakk Dharti, Featuring Akshay Kumar, An Ode To The Environment

On the occasion of World Environment Day, Shaan released a song featuring various Bollywood celebrities and singers like Akshay Kumar, Taapsee Pannu, and Papon, Palak Muchhal, to give boost to the cause of preserving nature.

Bollywood playback singer and composer Shaan has composed the song Dhakk Dhakk Dharti on the occasion of World Environment Day.

For a boost to the cause, the music video of the song is a star-studded affair. It features Akshay Kumar, Taapsee Pannu, Rajkumar Rao, Bhumi Pednekar along with singers like Papon, Palak Muchhal, Payal Dev, Richa Sharma, and Salim Merchant among others.

Shaan has been collaborating with a group of creative minds that includes lyricist and singer Swanand Kirkire, Shankar Mahadevan, choreographer Shamak Daver over the past three years to make songs on nature to celebrate World Environment Day.

This year, the team has created the song Dhakk Dhakk Dharti. The music video also features children along with the stars.

"One of the reasons we are trying to write and compose the song to include children is because they are the real champions of the environment. If the next generation understands the importance of protecting nature, our future will be in safe hands. Such generational change can come through lifestyle changes, and anything new that happens gets adopted by youngsters," Shaan told IANS.

The question arises that how much change has happened over the past years? Shaan replied: "As we know, change cannot happen overnight but only gradually, and that is happening. The constant conversation, planting of trees, reducing carbon footprint and investing in nature in the outdoor than staying indoor are some of the changes that have happened to us."

With the lockdown having forced people to stay indoors, water bodies and the air have become cleaner. Highlighting the change, the singer said: "We are only focusing on the human race and its growth and development. That is why we emphasise on the global economy. But over the last three months, silently but surely nature has explained to us that human being are just one part of the huge biodiversity that includes other animal species. So we have to maintain the balance."

"It is because of the constant awareness that today, the brutal death of a pregnant elephant gets attention in mainstream media. Now we are aware of animal cruelty, the importance of tree planting and protection of the green carpet," Shaan signed off.

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