Shabana Azmi on LGBTQ Acceptance: Watching Films Surely Leads to a Lot of Sensitisation

File image of Shabana Azmi.

File image of Shabana Azmi.

From Fire to Signature Move, Shabana Azmi has worked in several films that tackle the LGBTQ issue deftly.

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  • Last Updated: March 18, 2019, 8:41 AM IST
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From 1996 when her film Fire showcased a homosexual relationship to 2019 when a web series like Made In Heaven has tackled the LGBTQ subject with deft, veteran actress Shabana Azmi has witnessed a change worth applauding.

When Deepa Mehta's Fire had released, the film was opposed by the orthodox sections of the Indian society. "Look, that film released in 1996. Since then if I look at the journey till Made In Heaven, which is a recent example, I have to say that space has opened up, really,” Shabana told IANS.

"I always believe that films are a reflection of our society and good films can influence society. There is a relation... but there is an acceptance and that has to be applauded," she added.

While in Fire, Shabana played a housewife named Radha who falls in love with her sister-in-law, in the American independent film Signature Move, she essayed a mother to a girl who is lesbian. It is about how with time, the mother tries to be compassionate towards her child when she comes out of the closet.

Shabana said, "Parental support is needed when a youngster is coming out of the closet. I would suggest a film (Evening Shadows) by Sridhar (Rangayan)... It is a mother-son story.

"When the mother learns that her son is homosexual, she gets horrified. But later how they understand each other... that is a very beautiful narrative. Watching that film will surely lead to a lot of sensitisation."

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