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Shah Rukh Khan Backs Rajinikanth's Decision To Join Politics

In an exclusive interaction with CNN News18, Shah Rukh Khan bares it all as to why he doesn't deem himself the right fit for joining politics. He also backs Rajinikanth's supposed decision of joining politics and calls it an amazing thing.


Updated:August 3, 2017, 6:19 PM IST
With a cricket team, a production banner and an endless list of Bollywood films to his credit, Shah Rukh Khan might be one of the most multi-talented actors the industry has ever seen. But when it comes to politics, the actor makes it clear that he neither intends to campaign for any political party nor does he deem himself selfless enough to join politics.

“I think the inherent reason to join politics should be – betterment of a community, society, a country, a state or whichever aspect of life you think you can be selfless enough to dedicate yourself to,” he says while speaking to CNN News18.

At a time when there’s a talk of Rajinikanth supposedly joining politics, the actor says it’s quite amazing if the thespian has decided to take a step forward.

“I know him (Rajinikanth) personally. He’s a wonderful person and an amazing star. If he decides now, at this age and stage of his life when he could just put his feet up and go off to sleep, which I’d love to do in a Jacuzzi when I’m that age and that stage if I ever reach it, to join the most selfless and perhaps, the least thankful job in the world that is to be a part of the political system and do good for others; it’s quite an amazing thing.”

Shah Rukh also highlights that while a politician needs to be devoted and absolutely selfless, he, on the other hand, happens to be completely self-obsessed. “It’s a strange dichotomy for movie stars. Normally a star should be completely self-obsessed and I’m the self-obsessed variety, not selfless enough to be part of politics. Those who do it, I’ve ten times more regard for them even as stars,” he says.

He further cites that he holds the professions of an astronaut and a politician equally, as for him, his skill set permits him to only act and that he isn’t trained enough to become either of the two. “Because I’m not trained for it and also because I’m not so selfless. One I cannot be an astronaut who goes to Mars right now – too much work, too much stress and I’ve very less experience of doing that. And a politician, because I hold these two things equally.”

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