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SRK's Swades to Irrfan's Hindi Medium: Films That Questioned the Indian System

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There are different ways of absorbing a movie, some leave you laughing, some with tissues wet, some with a hard-hitting suspense and some with a thought!

There are different ways of absorbing a movie, some leave you laughing, some with tissues wet, some with a hard-hitting suspense and some with a thought! A thought that makes you question your own life, a thought that seems very true to your life, a thought that makes your own life appear as a movie. That is the thought which encourages you to bring positive changes in your society which help in shaping the system- 'Our Indian System'.


We have always heard about the concept of people moving from 'underdeveloped nations' to 'developed nations'. Mostly, it involves them leaving their homeland to live and grow in a better place. What they fail to realise is that their contribution to their nation could have avoided the future migration of people from their nation. The first step to solving a problem is identifying it and not running away from it. That is the story of Shah Rukh Khan who is seen as 'Mohan', an NRI working for NASA and how his visit to a village changes the lives of hundreds of people, including his. Thus, Swades came out to be instrumental in improving the system as it inspired a lot of NRIs to come back to their origin and 'water the roots' of their 'barren' lands. As it is aptly quoted in the movie, "Hum Sab Ek doosre ko dosh de rahe hain...jab ki sachchai ye hai ki hum sab hi doshi hain."

Rang De Basanti

Pumped up with the spirits of Patriotism, Rang De Basanti offers that image of the Indian System that is too corrupt. Revolt sets in when a group of young blood are super boiled by the injustice done to their pilot friend. They decide to teach all the corrupt politicians a lesson that they find hard to forget. With a high amount of 'Activism', the movie gets relatable, especially for the youth. Many of us discuss the ailments in the Indian System but how many of us actually do something about it? "Koi Bhi desh perfect Nahi Hota, usse behtar banana padta hai!" The movie departs a message that we have to be the change we want to see in our society. It triggers our patriotic self and motivates us to be the 'game-changer'.


The Freedom to Choose becomes a huge issue in the Indian System. This struggle can come in the shape of choosing your career in life. A very common problem faced by most of the teenagers when they are pressurised by their parents to take up their career line according to their wish and not their child's. Same is the case with 'Rohan' (Rajat Barmecha) in the movie Udaan who after 8 years of boarding school returns home to his disciplinarian father and a half-brother.' Rohan' is forced to work in his father’s steel factory and was enrolled in an engineering institute. An aspiring writer, Rohan's dynamic poetry encourages him to fight for his dreams instead of succumbing to his Father's anger. He goes out on a limb t0 discover himself and that's when he gets successful. The movie gives out a strong message that is applicable to most of the teenagers who are under pressure of their parents' preferences for their career. Take your stand and follow your passion in life, be free to choose! "Ek Udaan hi sapnon ko zindagi degi, sapnon se jod do isse."

Chakde India

The movie Chakde India highlights three angles in the story which relate to the dark sides of the Indian System. Firstly, we see Shahrukh Khan as 'Coach Kabir' who is falsely called a 'Traitor' to have intentionally made Pakistan win the match, just because he was a Muslim. Another stereotype that the movie breaks is that, women can also be sporty. They can play better than or equal to most men. The Indian Society still restricts them to their houses.The third angle throws light on the clash between Hockey and Cricket in our society. Though Hockey is our National Sport, it has been outsmarted by Cricket. People are crazy about Cricket and not even aware about the names of the Hockey Players!

No One Killed Jessica

In No One Killed Jessica, it was shown that even on knowing that the people who killed 'Jessica' were the son of a minister but still she refused to be quiet & decided to 'Fight for Right' which here puts a great impact upon the people of India. The movie is a message to all, ones who face the wrong and also who are witnesses to it- that no matter the culprit is a famous personality, he deserves punishment. Keeping numb about it will encourage crime. Use your weapon of 'Speech' and do your bit to changing the system is what the movie suggests.

Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year

The movie Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year proved to be a changing point in the lives of a lot of entrepreneurs who decided to take the risk which they had been fearful of earlier. It is true that almost all of us at least once in our lives been too scared to take a life-changing step. "Rocket Singh" motivated young entrepreneurs to start businesses of their own. They derived the enthusiasm to leave their settled jobs to explore their capabilities. They wanted to be their own Boss. It became a trendsetter in the society by pushing people towards acknowledging their self-worth and talents. As Ranbir Kapoor, 'Harpreet Singh' rightly says, "Risk toh Spiderman ko bhi lena padta hai, mai toh phir bhi Salesman hoon."

A Wednesday

The movie A Wednesday showcases that picture of the system where the public or the 'common man' has a larger role to play in changing it. Unless we, the citizens unite to raise our voices against the ill-doings of the Indian system, nobody would take our problems seriously. The movie talks about a normal weekday when a common man does his bit in taking control in his hands. The system is made for us, and it is supposed to 'hear us'. The ultimate change in the system would be possible on the day when every individual realises their 'role' in the system and use it for the betterment of the society. With increased violence and terrorism among nations, whose lives are at stake? Yes, OURS- the common man's! "A Wednesday" serves as an alarm call to the government to be more watchful and responsible towards the lives of its citizens.

Oh My God!

India being a 'religious' country diverse with customs and cultures, enables people to even turn a stone to God and start worshipping it. There is no doubt in the fact that everybody has their own way of recognising God. But being 'religious' in the name of creating a business out of it, is utterly disgusting. The movie Oh My God displays the 'blind-belief' of people in God and how this blindness leads them to believe the 'Fake Babas' and 'Sadhus'. Instead of actually preaching God, they look for better positions claiming themselves to be 'Godmen', making it no less than a corporate firm. Paresh Rawal as 'Kanji Mehta' gives out a single message that- God is there but He is within ourselves and there is no use in searching him in every idol or temple. He justifies his being a non-believer by saying that he does not believe in the people who call themselves 'Godmen' just to fool the public into spending their money on unnecessary display of devotion. Well, it is always better to provide a packet of milk to an unfortunate one instead of pouring it on an idol to later find a beggar drinking the same from a drain. God will be definitely happier if He sees you doing that. Believe in Him, but not out of fear, out of faith!


The movie, Pink talks about that portion of the Indian System which talks volumes but hardly puts anything to practice- yes, we are talking about 'Women Safety'. Despite the fact that so many women don’t even have recourse to justice, they are accused of misusing the law. It discharges a very powerful message that- 'A NO means a NO'. It imparts strength to the women to raise their voices when the System does not do justice to their sufferings. Do not bow down in fear, stand up for your rights and revolt for any wrong that happens is what "Pink" brings up as a topic of debate and empowering women to break all stereotypes.

Hindi Medium

Hindi Medium is a true reflection of today's society, where 'a high-class', 'posh living' and a 'branded school' are mandatory to prove your worth and standards in the society. Hindi Medium is a much-needed comment on the private school system and how it has become so important in our lives. It’s also a lesson for the concerned officials, who turn a blind eye to government schools that have millions of potential winners. As Saba Qamar says in the movie, “Iss desh me angrezi zabaan nahi class hai,” (English is not a language but class in this country)..is the belief of most of the people in the society.

Thanks to Bollywood for the awakening calls that lay a huge impact on the society.

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