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Shah Rukh Khan's Best is Yet to Come, Take It from Us

By: Soheib Ahsan


Last Updated: November 02, 2019, 10:47 IST

Image of Shah Rukh Khan, courtesy of Instagram

Image of Shah Rukh Khan, courtesy of Instagram

Shah Rukh Khan is currently on a hiatus from acting since the release of Zero and has not announced any future projects yet.

Shah Rukh Khan might be in the entertainment business for three decades but he still gives the vibe that his best is yet to come, as if he is waiting for that one film which would do complete justice to his unexplored acting potential. You never get enough of King Khan, the performer, the champion of the hearts.

Have you ever wondered what could be making him rise and shine every morning after all these years and so many accomplishments. But then, when was he conventional?

What a fire he was on-screen in the negative roles early in his film career. Unfortunately, his role as a villain did not grow further from there. To see Khan in a purely villainous role would be delightful. Just think what his altered demeanour and gruff voice can do! I bet, you wouldn't be able to put off that performance of your mind. He might play the Batman, who knows!

His performances in Farhan Akhtar’s Don duology are a testament to the fact that given the right script, Shah Rukh Khan can play a refined villain too.

One of Khan’s best performances was in My Name is Khan as a patient of Asperger Syndrome. The performance managed to tug at the heartstrings of audiences and was flawless. Director Karan Johar even stated that Shah Rukh Khan’s research and knowledge on the syndrome was impressive and monumental. It's stating the obvious. With his wit, charm and love for reading, he can be a really good teacher.

Shah Rukh Khan in a role as a man suffering from psychological diseases is not only needed for his skills but also to draw attention towards them. In a country like India, the awareness surrounding mental health and disorders is very little in comparison to the number of people that suffer from it. Such roles would not only fight the taboo surrounding mental health but would even lead to the initiation of necessary discussions keeping in mind the reach and reputation of Khan.

he might have taken a break from acting and his films might be biting dust at the box office, but never forget, he is the same guy who did Maya Memsaab at 28. It's just a mater of time for the Badshah to return and claim his throne.

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