Shaheer Sheikh Wouldn't Leave a Running TV Show for Bollywood Offer: That is Wrong on Every Level for Me

Shaheer Sheikh

Shaheer Sheikh

Shaheer Sheikh's 'Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke' is soon going off-air and the actor says he has realised that more time he spends on a TV show set, the more he gets attached to it.

Shaheer Sheikh is one of the most sought after actors in the telly industry. From mythological shows to social and family dramas, the actor has featured in several hit daily soaps during a professional career of 11 years. His latest, Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, is going off air and only last few episodes are left to be shot. The actor says that low TRP is the reason why it is coming to an end while adding that he has realised that the longer a show runs, the more he gets attached to it.

Meanwhile, Shaheer also opened up about Bollywood and OTT offers, considering an actor of such talent is bound to be tapped for potential projects outside TV. Shaheer said that he has been approached for Bollywood projects in the past and most recently before YRHPK was announced to be going off air. However, he has not been able to take up other stuff on various platforms because his commitment to a TV show for a certain years is important and that he would not sidetrack on his promise for a bigger project.

In the matter, Shaheer said, "I am someone who stands by his words. If I have promised a TV producer that I will do your show for these many years, I can't later tell him that I have got a movie project now and I want to leave your show. That is wrong on every level for me."

TV actors are known to be jumping between shows while also actively searching for prospects in Bollywood. It often happens that a lead star gets a promising film or TV series and he/she leaves their daily soap for it.

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