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Shahid Kapoor on First Time Meeting Mira: I Thought Are We Even Going to Last 15 Minutes?

Shahid Kapoor with wife Mira Rajput.

Shahid Kapoor with wife Mira Rajput.

Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput got married in a private ceremony in Gurgaon in 2015.

It is a very common saying that behind every successful man is a woman. This holds true in Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput's case. Despite getting married in an arranged set-up, the two have grown close and acted as each other's pillars in a short amount of time.

Shahid and Mira have been married for four years now. Their families met each other through a religious group. Talking about their first meeting in an interview with Vogue, Shahid said, "The only thought going through my mind was, ‘Here we are, sitting in this room on these two big sofas with nobody else around. Are we even going to last 15 minutes?" Interestingly he also revealed that during this first meeting the two had talked for over seven hours.

Mira Rajput credits her not being a part of Bollywood as one of the strong points for their marriage. She had said, "I’ve never been into movies, which I think was a good thing because following that first chat when we actually got to know each other, it was for who we are…not for who others think we are."

Nevertheless, she has always been helpful towards Shahid when it comes to his wins at losses in Bollywood. After the 2015 film Shaandaar which failed to do well at the box office, Shahid revealed that Mira motivated him to move on quickly. After the recent success of his role in and as Kabir Singh, Mira congratulated Shahid on Instagram.

Despite all this, the ride for Mira as the wife of a Bollywood actor has not been very smooth. Shahid Kapoor appeared in Udta Punjab a short time before their marriage. He revealed her reaction to the film saying, "We sat together on a sofa and somewhere around the interval she had moved five feet away to the other edge. She looked at me and said, ‘You’re not this guy, right? Is this guy anywhere inside you? Tell me now while I can still walk away!’"

Mira was a resident of Delhi before moving to Mumbai where Shahid has helped her settle into the city. Talking about her change of lifestyle Mira had said, "I’ve also picked up on the way of life and way of dressing here… The first time I wore a pair of ripped jeans was after I got married! His fluidity towards life is another quality I love. It’s helped me ease up a lot. He’s lived longer, so if anything, I can benefit from his experience, and he can benefit from my fresh perspective."