Shahid Kapoor Says Kabir Singh's Success Came at the Right Time for Him

Image: Shahid Kapoor/Instagram

Image: Shahid Kapoor/Instagram

Shahid Kapoor is currently enjoying a break from work post Kabir Singh success. He will next be seen in the remake of Jeresy.

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  • Last Updated: October 23, 2019, 11:01 AM IST
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Shahid Kapoor is currently enjoying a small break from work following the success of Kabir Singh. Despite controversies, the film has become Shahid Kapoor's biggest success till date. To many, it seems that such a massive hit has come after a long time, considering he began working in the industry during his teenage years.

Shahid Kapoor, on the other hand, believes that this is the perfect time for him to reach these heights of success. Speaking to Hindustan Times, he said, "You know, I really believe a lot in destiny. A number of people have told me, ‘oh, you have waited 15 years for a hit this size’, but maybe, if I hadn’t waited for so long, I wouldn’t truly appreciate and respect it. Honestly, I feel failures make you a man. Even boys can do well when success is under their feet but when that carpet of success gets pulled away, only the men can stand up and survive. The boys get knocked out."

He also stated that he appreciated all his failures in the past that led to his recent success adding that he is fortunate to have reached such a height of success at all irrespective of time. "I feel all the failures that I have seen have made me who I am today. So, honestly, I am very thankful for the fact that though it took so long, such a big success came my way because I know that it may well have never happened to me."

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