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Sheer Qorma Trailer: Swara Bhasker, Divya Dutta Fight for Acceptance as Same Sex Lovers

Image: Instagram

Image: Instagram

Sheer Qorma has Swara Bhasker and Divya Dutta two Muslim women who are same sex lovers fighting for their family's acceptance.

The trailer of Swara Bhasker and Divya Dutta starrer Sheer Qorma is out. The movie depicts the love saga of two women and portrays the complex journey of how they convince their respective families and manage to sustain their relationship.

Director Faraz Arif Ansari is sure to break ground with his forthcoming venture, throwing light on the couple's struggle to fight societal norms. Faraz is also known as the maker of the first Indian LGBTQ+ love story Sisak, a silent short film.

The trailer of Sheer Qorma opens with a dinner table conversation between Sitara (Swara Bhasker), Saira (Divya Dutta) and Saira's family. It is revealed that Sitara, a Pakistani-Canadian citizen, is on her maiden visit to India to meet the family of her love Saira.

The tension in the frame is palpable even when the characters try to keep the talk toned down. During the chat, the couple is probed about their identity and their choice of pronouns to describe themselves.

The trailer also introduces the audience to Saira's mother (Shabana Azmi), who disapproves the relationship and says it is unnatural. The clip also reflects on the couple's struggles to seek acceptance from the family. At one point of time, a sobbing Sitara asserts "love isn't a sin."

Earlier, speaking about how she decided to do the film, Shabana had told PTI, "Divya Dutta recommended the Sheer Qorma script to me. I was moved by it and met Faraz who came across as sincere, honest and deeply committed to the story."

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