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Shweta Tiwari's Nutritionist Details Her Fabulous Fitness Journey Post Pregnancy

Shweta Tiwari flaunted her washboard abs as she dressed in a pantsuit with a crop top underneath.

Shweta Tiwari flaunted her washboard abs as she dressed in a pantsuit with a crop top underneath.

Shweta Tiwari has been stealing all the attention on social media for her fitness journey as she continues to look fab after embracing motherhood twice. Nutritionist Dr Kinita Patel shares how diet management made weight loss possible for her.

The road to fitness is not an easy one. The time period between committing to strict diets and regular exercise routines and when results finally start to show can be painfully long and the general tendency is to slack off. Leading nutritionist and weight management expert Dr Kinita Patel tells us from her experience that coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown have directed people’s minds towards health and fitness and she is excited to see this change of attitude in her clients across age groups.

“Unfortunately, a lot of the times people start realising the importance of fitness much later in their lives. But at whichever point they want to take it up, be it their 20s, 30s or 40s, it will yield positive results. Fitness and nutrition have no deadlines and when you feel you are ready, you should get into it. I see a lot of awareness now. Especially after the lockdown, a lot of people considered their health to be a priority and I think that is great,” she says.

Meanwhile, Kinita’s client, actress Shweta Tiwari is turning heads with her impressive body transformation. Post her second pregnancy in 2016 to her latest social media pictures, the results they have achieved are nothing short of spectacular. Shweta was in her mid-30s when she met Kinita and set off on her fitness journey. Now, they seem to be motivating others to follow suit. Kinita details how she planned and executed Shweta’s rigorous weight management plan, which stresses on complimenting workout programmes with right diets. Their collaboration began three years ago and continues even today.

“Shweta’s requirements with the type of body she wanted were very particular. After having two pregnancies, one much later in life, we wanted to work on her body keeping in mind her hectic work schedule, the look she wanted and ensuring that she has enough energy left to handle her kid and home life. It was working very holistic but also towards a target. So we worked at every stage differently,” Kinita shares.

She goes on, “First, we ensured she got the look she wanted. Then we created a holistic approach and vis-à-vis slowly started aiming towards the body transformation. We worked very closely on her food and monitored everything she was eating, even on the set. Every meal was planned. She made sure that her workout was in place and her diet figured out. If she had to eat something during a particular scene, she would call me up and we would discuss her food intake. She ate everything within the umbrella of her diet plan.”

About Shweta’s diet, Kinita adds, “We had kept very good combinations of carbs, proteins and fat. Hydration was key. Her skin and hair are very important so we made sure the vitamin intake was good.”

When questioned how Shweta fared during her fitness programme and whether she succumbed to triggers, Kinita praises her saying, “She has put in a lot of effort during this time. She was focused and knew she had to do this right and get her body changed. All her pictures are proof of that. She is looking brilliant. Even if she wanted a break from the routine, we were on the same page. Never did she disappear on me and came back with debauchery. I am very proud of her.”

Kinita also speaks on how celebrities work on their bodies more diligently when they are not shooting. “Off season is when they are usually the fittest. This is the time when they are working towards a particular movie or to get the look for a particular scene. For this, they work much harder on their body. As the shoot starts, we get a little more freedom to do other things and the flexibility increases as they travel and order food from outside.”

Actress Deepika Singh is also one of Kinita’s long time clients. They have collaborated for more than five years now. About her weight loss journey, Kinita shares, “Pre-pregnancy we worked to get the look for her shoot. After her baby’s delivery, she had a certain vision on the kind of body she wanted. Then she started learning Odissi and we wanted to make sure that she had the right energy for that. Be it shoot days, non-shoot days or even if she is travelling or working, we made sure that the glow on her skin was always there with the right kind of diet.”

Kinita stresses that embarking on a fit and healthy lifestyle is not age-bound. “Scientifically, the body chemistry does change but that by no means implies that you cannot start a fitness journey after touching a certain age. I have women in their 60s who are doing resistance training and achieving great results. Age is no barrier for fitness at all. Social media has also worked wonders. Seeing people eat better and workout, everyone wants to achieve their personal best. Not like someone else but at least they want to make the best of themselves,” she concludes.

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