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Singer KK’s Family Pens Moving Note, Says Losing Him Was ‘The Worst Pain We Have Experienced’

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Last Updated: July 15, 2022, 14:55 IST

New Delhi, India

Singer KK died hours after performing at a concert in Kolkata on Tuesday, May 31.

Singer KK died hours after performing at a concert in Kolkata on Tuesday, May 31.

KK's family changed his profile picture across all social media platforms and also wrote a moving note on him, and how they are coping up with his death.

Singer KK had passed away in May after performing a concert in Kolkata’s Nazrul Mancha. The singer had not been feeling well, and he suffered from a cardiac arrest soon after wrapping up the concert. His death shook the entire nation, and his family was left devastated. Now, his family changed his profile picture across social media platforms to the one that he wanted. With the picture was a long note that can make anyone emotional!

The picture is of KK performing at a concert, and he looks absorbed into what he is doing. Along it is a note that reads, “Kk wanted his profile picture to be changed to this one so we are now doing this for him and thought we’ll take this opportunity to address all fans of KK and let you know we are doing better everyday.”

It further read, “He was a different species of human, not only to you’ll as a performer but for us as a father/husband. Dedication and humility came together to form a human being that showed us all how to live a balanced life. His unconditional love always reminding us how to really and truly love. His focus and determination emphasising strength and reinforcing his dedication. His impact on so many lives, seemingly mythical yet ever present.”

Calling his passing away the ‘worst pain, his family added, “We all feel this terrible loss and suffering is always subjective. Sure there are varying degrees but everyone’s worst is the worst they’ve known. This is the worst pain we as a family have experienced and we are astonished at our own ability to even think past the day he left us, let alone live past it and contemplate a life without him. Our purpose in life seemed futile, how could we fulfil our aspirations when such a huge part of those achievements was looking into the eyes of the man - who so eagerly awaited our rise and trusted and fully believed in us - look back at us with pride and admiration. He used to say you have to believe in yourself and give your 100% no matter what you do. Now that is what we will live by. He would want us to continue on and summit our own peaks as we feel if we embody his spirit and reach our respective zeniths, it’ll give us a chance to be reunited with him.”

His family concluded the note by writing, “He got the chance to be doing what he loved almost until his last moments and that is a privilege granted to very few, filling up venues is something every artist wants to see and we are glad he had that especially for his last performance. It was always very difficult to get him to stop performing because everyone knew once KK went on that stage he owned it and would only leave it once he deemed his job complete. His dedication allowed him no less. His best qualities were to love unconditionally, be kind, respectful and spread joy. By embodying these values you will keep him alive within yourselves. “The stage is my territory” – KK”

KK’s wife Jyothy had recently shared a painting of hers where she drew a picture of hers with her late husband, and wrote how much she misses him. She has also started painting again.

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first published:July 15, 2022, 14:55 IST
last updated:July 15, 2022, 14:55 IST
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