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Sonu Nigam on His ‘Wish I Were from Pakistan’ Comment: Some Journalists Miss the Real Content

A file photo of Sonu Nigam.

A file photo of Sonu Nigam.

Sonu Nigam has responded to the brewing controversy over his recent comments on Pakistani singers.

Sonu Nigam’s comment “Wish I Were from Pakistan” hasn’t gone down too well with fellow Indians.

After being criticised for the remark that he made at the Agenda Aaj Tak Summit, the singer took to Facebook on Tuesday to clarify his stance.

“Sometimes in an attempt to make headlines catchy and sensational, some journalists miss the real content. Yesterday's Aaj Tak Summit happened so amazing, and look what have they reduced it to. My point about being better off being born in Pakistan was about the music companies in India asking Indian singers to pay 40-50% of their concerts remunerations to them, and only then they'll work with those artistes but they don't ask the same from the singers from abroad, namely Pakistan! This was the important point I made and these guys! Changed it to 'I would have been better off born in Pakistan I'd have work come my way’ What do I say. PATHETIC,” he wrote, criticising Indian media for misrepresenting what he said.

Having spent over two decades in the music industry, Nigam has, time and again, called out issues concerning singers and the quality of music.

Taking a jab at the popularity of Pakistani singers in India, he had said at the summit, "Sometimes, I feel as if it would have been better if I were from Pakistan. At least I would get offers from India."

Nigam also pointed out at how Indian singers are being discriminated against. "Nowadays, singers have to pay music companies for shows. If we don’t shell out the money, they will play songs sung by other singers and highlight them. Then, they will take money from them," he said.

Saying that things were different for Pakistani singers, he added, "Why single out Indian singers? They don’t do the same with Pakistani singers. Atif Aslam is a very close friend of mine. He is never asked to pay to sing at shows, neither is Rahat Fateh Ali Khan."

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