Sonu Sood Bears Costs of Heart Surgery of 4 Month Old Baby from Hyderabad Village

Credits- Instagram

Credits- Instagram

Sonu Sood has once again proven his generous nature by bearing costs of a 4-month-old baby's heart surgery.


PV Ramana Kumar

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood once again shown his humanitarian side and helped out in the heart surgery of a baby in Siricilla Rajanna District of Telangana.

Advaith Shourya, the four-month-old baby boy of Pandipally Babu and Rajitha, of Jaggarao Pally of Boinpally Mandal, was suffering from heart disease. Doctors who examined Advaith said that the treatment would cost up to Rs 7 lakh.

Since Pandipally Babu works in a courier company, he was unable to bear the expenditure and was waiting for help for his son's treatment.

Pandipally Babu recently admitted his son to a private hospital in Hyderabad. The villagers and friends informed Sonu Dood through Twitter and urged for help for Advaith.

The boy's father said that Sonu Sood had responded to his tweet and assured him that he was ready to bear the total cost of the surgery. He also stated that Sonu asked them to admit Advaith at Innova hospital in Hyderabad and the surgery will be performed by Dr Kona Samba Murty on Thursday.

The villagers also helped Pandipally Babu with about Rs 40000. Advaith's parents have thanked Sonu for his kind heartedness.

Sonu Sood has helped thousands of migrant workers affected by the Indian government's lockdown during the coronavirus outbreak. Earlier, he had helped a Telugu film industry manager named MV Subbarao, who had tweeted that his child had a heart problem.

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