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Sonu Sood On Samrat Prithviraj’s Failure at Box Office: ‘Wish Film Could Have Done Well'

By: Entertainment Bureau


Last Updated: August 11, 2022, 22:01 IST

Mumbai, India

Sonu Sood opens up on Samrat Prithviraj's failure

Sonu Sood opens up on Samrat Prithviraj's failure

Sonu Sood, in a recent interview, opened up about the failure of Samrat Prithviraj at the box office

Sonu Sood is a versatile actor whose career spans over two decades. Having done films in multiple languages, the Happy New Year actor managed to break through the clutter of the Indian Film Industry with films like Yuva and Dabbang. He is also noted for his humanitarian works during the thick of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, his recent Box Office dud Samrat Prithviraj saddened the actor to a great extent. Despite the disappointment, the actor believes one should take failures in a positive stride.

During an interview with the news agency PTI, the actor expressed, “I wish the film could have done well because there was a lot of hard work put in. As an actor, it is important that you give your 100 per cent and it is up to the audience to decide what is right and what is wrong in it. You have to accept your failures and learn from them and next time you can be better; you can deliver better. I, as an actor, do that. This time we failed but next time we will do well.”

The 49-year old actor further elaborated that despite the bad performance at the silver screens, the film still remains quite special to him. He stated, “Prithviraj was very special and the role of Chand Bardai was very special. Whatever role I will be offered, I will keep on working hard for it and try to entertain people.”
Sonu Sood is also going to make his foray into the podcast ecosystem by giving his voice to Commander Karan Saxena, based on author Amit Khan’s novel series Hamladar Commander Saxena. Calling the action-thriller audio series to be an arduous and challenging task, the actor expressed, “It was challenging because you have to be right as the visuals don’t support you and just by your voice you have to create a world people can feel in a way that it stays longer in their memory. I had made some pointers about certain scenes like, sometimes the character is climbing up or is breathless or is lying down or has woken up or is hurt, you can’t just say lines, the voice has to change accordingly. These pointers helped me.”

In Samrat Prithviraj, Sonu Sood essayed the historical character of Chand Bardai. Besides his acting projects, the actor has taken charge to push India’s start-ups. Last month, he announced a new show titled ‘Kuberan’s House’ which is touted to be quite similar to Shark Tank India.

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first published:August 11, 2022, 22:01 IST
last updated:August 11, 2022, 22:01 IST