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Speaker Phat Jaaye: Total Dhamaal's New Song Is an Exercise In Futility

Speaker Phat Jaaye: Total Dhamaal's New Song Is an Exercise In Futility

The song comprises of an unsophisticated circus/zoo/discotheque setting, with artists lazily moving to the poorly conceived lyrics.

A few days ago, lashing out at Indra Kumar and his upcoming film Total Dhamaal, music industry veterans like Rajesh Roshan, Usha and Lata Mangeshkar had pointed out that filmmakers today lacked the imagination to conceive good music and that is why they were recreating old ones arbitrarily.

Kumar, then, had taken offence and said that he does not need the original creator’s consent to remake old tracks. But fortunately or unfortunately, he and his team proved their statements to be true.

Speaker Phat Jaaye, the latest song from Total Dhamaal has released and looks like the makers were hell bent on proving a point. But what the point is seems to be lost somewhere between the track’s poorly conceived lyrics and its drab dub-step style music. Rest assured that no one would be keen on bursting their speakers over this one!

Speaker Phat Jaaye is what you get when you put too much of effort into creating something that should not have been conceived in the first place. It reeks of lethargy and unoriginality. The frivolity starts from the second frame itself. It can’t go amiss because there's a CGI Asiatic lion that slowly moves towards us, with Ajay Devgn matching steps with the tamed one, through a sequence of unjustifiably bad jump cuts. And we instantly know that the song is going nowhere.

What follows is equally worse. The dance steps are choreographed keeping in mind the capability of the artists, if and to what extent they can move to the tune. Esha Gupta and Madhuri Dixit dance, simply because they can and there is nothing better to do. Not that they are the saving grace.

For the men, the choreographer derives at minimal body movements, harking back to the lyrics of the song itself. The unsophisticated circus/zoo/discotheque setting is misleading and appears childlike at several instances. The costumes are unimaginative too. And somehow the troupe manages to look unitedly happy about not being able to create any meaning.

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