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Steppenwolf’s Fury in Zack Snyder’s Justice League Has Fans Excited

Steppenwolf’s Fury in Zack Snyder’s Justice League Has Fans Excited

The preview of Steppenwolf fighting the Amazons from director Zak Snyder's cut of Justice League has fans all-excited for the film to release.

One of the most dividing moments in DC fandom history was the 2017 film Justice League. After years of shying around creating team-ups like the Marvel’s Avengers series, the Justice League was supposed to be a game-changer in the DCEU (DC extended universe). However, fans were phenomenally disappointed as the film lacked any concrete direction or plot. But they have a reason to rejoice again as Zack Snyder's Justice League just dropped a teaser and it’s everything you would want it to be!

The clip just shared by Fandom on Twitter is captioned “Zack Snyder previews new clip of Steppenwolf vs. the Amazons for ‘Justice is gray edition.’” The cut is highly anticipated by fans even before the first trailer has dropped (which according to Zack Snyder’s Twitter handle will be dropping on Valentine’s day, or February 14).

The small teaser features Steppenwolf (the main baddie from the film) going up against the race of Amazonian warriors i.e. Wonder Woman’s people. The tiny clip shows some intense lighting effects as Steppenwolf fights these brave ones left, right, and centre.

As the original film left people torn, (some fans rallied against the film while others tried to justify the “creative” reasons that led to such messy execution), Twitter is once again divided on this trailer.

One of the reasons the original cut disappointed fans was the way Steppenwolf was treated. For the uninitiated, the Justice League began when Snyder opted out of the film (due to a family emergency) and Joss Whedon took charge. The result was a botched-up film with clashing visions of the two filmmakers. Now Snyder is set to release his version on March 18, 2021. While director’s cuts are quite common, especially in films of fantastical genres, this one is really different. Usual director cuts include a few extra scenes, commentary, and little more insight than the theatrical release. However, this is supposed to “be a whole other movie.” Scenes have been restructured, there’s new footage, characters are redesigned, and so on. This cut basically wants to erase the mess that was 2017’s Justice League from audience’s memory and replace it with something they can cherish.