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Streaming Now: Have a Thrilling Weekend with Chris Hemsworth's Extraction and Lara Dutta's Hundred

Streaming Now: Have a Thrilling Weekend with Chris Hemsworth's Extraction and Lara Dutta's Hundred

Chris Hemsworth stars is a dashing mercenary in Extraction, while Lara Dutta and Rinku Rajguru form a quirky crime-solving pair in Hundred.

As Netflix dropped its new film Extraction, fans rejoiced at the mini-Marvel reunion. Director Sam Hargrave was stunt coordinator on several Marvel films, Avengers: Endgame director Joe Russo wrote the script, and he and Anthony Russo are producers. Not to mention the film relies on action, violence and Thor star Chris Hemsworth’s natural charisma.

Speaking of action and violence, watch two women at the helm of a comedy thriller series that has just launched on Disney+Hotstar. Lara Dutta and Rinku Rajguru make for a quirky pair who go about a crime-solving mission in their unique way.

Here are more titles you can watch during the lockdown.

Yours Sincerely, Kanan Gill (Netflix)

Revisiting life goals set in a letter written as a teen to his future self, comedian Kanan Gill reports back on if he's lived up to his own expectations. He wanted health — and got a hernia. He chased success — and felt like a failure. He made plans for life. Life had other ideas. The new Netflix stand-up special comes as a welcome surprise for devoted fans of the comedian who was conspicuously absent from the scene for more than a year.

Extraction (Netflix)

Chris Hemsworth plays a mercenary named Tyler Rake. When Ovi (Rudhraksh Jaiswal), the teenage son of a drug lord (Pankaj Tripathi), is kidnapped, Rake is called into Dhaka, Bangladesh to rescue him. The job, however, is a set-up. Lacking the money to pay Rake, the drug lord’s second-in-command, Saju (Randeep Hooda), plans to kill the mercenary once Ovi is safe and sound. When the kidnappers, rivals of Ovi’s father, redouble their efforts to get the boy back, Rake and Ovi are put between a rock and a hard place with no choice but to fight their way out.

Hundred (Disney+Hotstar)

Hundred is a story that chronicles the many misadventures of two contrasting women, set in the backdrop of Mumbai, its chawls and crime gangs. The masala entertainer marks the digital debut of Bollywood actress Lara Dutta and Marathi cinema’s Rinku Rajguru. Rinku plays a terminally ill girl looking for thrills who is hired to be an undercover agent by an ambitious female cop, Lara, looking for a promotion. As they both unite to accomplish their own goal in 100 days, chaos ensues.

My Teacher's Wife (Lionsgate Play)

My Teacher’s wife revolves around Todd Boomer, a would-be cartoonist who desperately needs a recommendation to Harvard from his math teacher played by Christopher MacDonald. However, calculus is the one subject in which Todd isn't pulling his weight. One rainy night he picks up a woman stranded by the side of the road who needs a ride (Tia Carrere). The woman turns out to be a whiz in his rusty subject, and she begins tutoring him. He starts to fall for her and only later does he realize she's the wife of his math teacher.

The Holiday (MX Player)

The Holiday promises to take you through an exciting bachelorette trip to Mauritius that Patrick, Armaan and Kabir played, by Priyank Sharma, Aashim Gulati and Veer Rajwant Singh, throw for their best friend and bride-to-be, Mehak, played by Adah Sharma. The actress says, “The Holiday is all about fun and brings out the emotions of true friendship. I don’t think anyone has watched a bachelorette before where a girl goes with 3 of her best friends who happen to be boys."